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Award TitleAward TypeAward DescriptionProgram TitleAward Outline
Non-Structural Repair Technician AssistantOccupational CertificateThis certificate prepares students to perform non-structural repairs. This includes panel repairs of four hours or less, bolt-on panel replacements and weld-on panel replacements.Auto Body Collision TechnologyView
Nursing Station TechnicianDiplomaThe Nursing Station Technician diploma program is designed for Health Unit Coordinator (HUC) students who wish to obtain the skills necessary to assist nurses with hands on patient care and/or advanced administrative duties. A Nursing Station Technician (NST) is responsible for coordination of communications and procedures to the nursing unit, processing admissions, discharge and transfers, transcribing orders and updating patient records. NST’s work under the direction of a nurse to assist in delivery of patient care including personal hygiene, clients nutritional requirements, daily activities, monitoring of patient vital signs, transporting patients and equipment, setting up and maintaining patient rooms, reordering and stocking supplies. The Nursing Station Technician is an important member of the professional health care team. NST’s provide a crucial role in disseminating communication throughout the nursing unit and assisting the nursing staff. The professional responsibilities include answering the telephone and intercom, initiating records for new patients, performing patient admission, transfer and discharge procedures, operating unit equipment, ordering daily diets and laboratory tests, scheduling diagnostic studies, recording patient data from departmental records into the patient’s record and ordering of unit supplies. In the work place, the NST communicates with various departments within the facility via the telephone, fax machine, pagers, pneumatic tube systems and computers This program will include two clinical experiences. Required coursework will focus on practices and procedures, health care core concepts, processing of physician’s orders, communication skill development, team building skill development, medical terminology and Nursing Assistant skills. Personal qualities considered essential for this occupation are the ability to be detail oriented with a high degree of accuracy while managing the workload in a very busy environment. The NST should be able to solve problems logically and critically, be self-motivated, conscientious, flexible, and demonstrate good customer service skills. Health care workers are expected to protect the confidentiality of patient information, demonstrate a high degree of ethics, and exhibit professionalism.Health Unit CoordinatorView
Outboard TechnicianOccupational CertificateOutboard Marine Technicians service, diagnose and repair outboard motors.Marine, Motorsport and Outdoor Power Equipment TechnologyView
Pharmacy TechnicianDiplomaThe Pharmacy Technician Diploma program prepares graduates for entry level careers working under the direction of Registered Pharmacists in retail, clinic, and hospital inpatient settings. The pharmacy technician provides an integral role in assisting pharmacists with prescription processing. The pharmacy technician complies with standard written procedures and guidelines under the direct supervision of a Registered Pharmacist. Pharmacy technicians assist the pharmacist with medication preparation, administrative duties, and provide front line customer service in the pharmacy setting. The program prepares graduates for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board exam which is necessary for certification. Prerequisite: Qualifying score on reading, writing, math and computer literacy assessment tests.Pharmacy TechnologyView
Pharmacy TechnicianAssociate in Applied Science DegreeThe ASHP accredited pharmacy technology program prepares graduates for entry level careers working under the direction of registered pharmacists in retail, clinic, and hospital settings. Pharmacy technicians play an integral role in assisting pharmacists with prescription processing. The pharmacy technician complies with standard written procedures and guidelines under the direct supervision of a registered pharmacist. Pharmacy technicians assist the pharmacist with medication preparation and administrative duties and provide front-line customer service in the pharmacy setting. Graduates are prepared for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board exam, which is necessary for certification.Pharmacy TechnologyView
Plastics Engineering TechnologyDiplomaPlastics Technicians are needed for the demands of the rapidly growing plastics forming industry. These demands include the operation of processing equipment and the transforming of polymers (plastics) into usable products. Plastics personnel perform such operations as compounding materials, molding, forming, troubleshooting, inspecting, testing raw materials and finishing products, assisting in mold design and modification and developing new polymers (plastics) applications. Plastics Technicians acquire an understanding of polymers (plastics) processing equipment and materials.Plastics Engineering TechnologyView
Plumbing TechnologyDiplomaThe Plumbing Technology program prepares students to begin a career in plumbing and pipefitting. Coursework provides students with the technical understanding and skills development in installation of fixtures, pipe threading, use of tools and equipment, hot and cold water supply, drainage systems, fabrication and testing, maintenance and repair of plumbing and hydronic heat. Through the program, the student will develop skills to work in both a residential and commercial setting.Plumbing TechnologyView
Pneumatic Engineering Technician Associate in Applied Science DegreeThe Pneumatic Engineering Technician A.A.S. degree program prepares individuals to perform high level research and design work utilized in the fluid power industry. Emphasis is placed on pneumatic system design, test and evaluation, problem-solving, business communications, system integration, computer-aided circuit construction and programmable logic controls. Pneumatic Engineering Technicians design, modify and specify motion controls for today's high-speed production equipment. The program will focus on improving pneumatic system efficiency through the integration of technology (pneumatics, PLC's, industrial controls and computers). Individuals with a high mechanical aptitude that enjoy working with their hands as well as their minds should consider this program. This individual must be a people orientated person. Fluid Power Engineering TechnologyView
Pneumatic Engineering Technician DiplomaPneumatic Engineering Technicians are responsible for building and modifying pneumatic systems utilized in the fluid power industry. Pneumatic Engineering Technicians calculate pneumatic system parameters, design circuits, evaluate operating systems and recommend changes for maximum efficiency. This program will focus on pneumatic component repair and testing, industrial electricity, programmable logic controls, circuit design and system engineering design. Emphasis will be placed on computer-aided circuit construction and software programming of automated systems. Individuals that enjoy working with their hands as well as their minds and have a high mechanical aptitude should consider this program. Pneumatic Engineering Technicians must be able to read various fluid power schematics, determine adjustments to improve system efficiency and recommend circuit changes. Pneumatic Engineering Technicians test pneumatic components and systems, document changes and build new systems. Fluid Power Engineering TechnologyView
Power Equipment CertificateOccupational CertificatePower Equipment student will perform repairs on a variety of lawn and garden equipment. Lawn and garden equipment will include lawn mowers, snow blowers and most hand-held chore performing devices. Marine, Motorsport and Outdoor Power Equipment TechnologyView