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Award TitleAward TypeAward DescriptionProgram TitleAward Outline
EntrepreneurshipAssociate in Applied Science DegreeThe Entrepreneurship AAS program is designed for students who are interested starting their own business or buying a small business or franchise. The course work will provide students with the innovation, management, marketing, communication and financial skills required to successfully start and run a small business. The program will also give students a solid background in the theory, process and practice of entrepreneurship. Courses for the program are delivered in a mix of classroom and online formats.BusinessView
EntrepreneurshipOccupational CertificateThis certificate combines a practical, step-by-step approach with a theoretical foundation to form a basic framework for understanding the theory, process, and practice of entrepreneurship. The aim of the certificate is to present the most current thinking in entrepreneurship as well as provide learners the opportunity to apply ideas and develop useful entrepreneurial skills.BusinessView
Event and Meeting ManagementAssociate in Applied Science DegreeEvent and Meeting Management will prepare you for employment in entry-level positions in event management, meeting planning, convention sales, and hotel and resort companies. You’ll learn what is required to plan and manage events from concept to completion including contracts, venue, presentations, menu, marketing, and industry business practices. Effective communication skills, strong human relations abilities, and problem-solving skills will contribute to your success in the program and on the job.BusinessView
Executive Administrative ProfessionalAssociate in Applied Science DegreeThis program prepares students for a career as an executive’s administrative assistant with marketable job skills that are highly valued by many businesses. Coursework will focus heavily on computer training and other office technologies. It is important that students pursuing a career in office administration are able to keep pace in a busy office environment and adapt to constantly changing technology including an awareness of the issues surrounding computer security in today's highly technological world. Excellent interpersonal skills are necessary. Upon completing the degree program, students have the opportunity to undertake a variety of tasks and responsibilities and work in a professional office environment. Prerequisite: Familiarity with the Internet, college-level reading ability, and proficiency in basic mathematics. All students must pass the Computer Literacy assessment test before registering for these courses.Information Technology/Computer CareersView
Extrusion MoldingOccupational CertificateThis certificate is designed for individuals requiring skills and knowledge in the Extrusion Molding Processes I, II, related Quality Assurance/Statistical Process Control, properties and tests of selected plastics and thermoplastics used in the plastics (forming) industry will be emphasized.Plastics Engineering TechnologyView
Fluid Power Engineering TechnicianAssociate in Applied Science DegreeThe Fluid Power Engineering Technician A.A.S. degree program prepares individuals to perform high level research and design work. Emphasis is placed on system design, test and evaluation, problem-solving, business communications, system integration, computer-aided circuit construction and programmable logic controls. Technicians design, modify and specify motion controls for today`s high speed production equipment. The program will focus on improving system efficiency through the integration of technology (hydraulics, pneumatics, PLC`s, industrial controls and computers). Individuals with a high mechanical aptitude that enjoy working with their hands as well as their minds should consider this program. This individual must be a people orientated person.Fluid Power Engineering TechnologyView
Fluid Power Engineering TechnicianDiplomaFluid Power Engineering Technicians are responsible for building and modifying fluid power systems. Technicians calculate system parameters, design hydraulic and pneumatic circuits, evaluate operating systems and recommend changes for maximum efficiency. This program will focus on hydraulic and pneumatic component repair and testing, industrial electricity, programmable logic controls, circuit design and system design. Emphasis will be placed on computer-aided circuit construction and software programming of automated systems. Individuals that enjoy working with their hands as well as their minds and have a high mechanical aptitude should consider this program. Technicians must be able to read schematics, determine adjustments to improve system efficiency and recommend circuit changes. Technicians test components and systems, document changes and build new systems.Fluid Power Engineering TechnologyView
Fluid Power MechanicDiplomaThe Fluid Power Mechanic fabricates, assembles, repairs and tests hydraulic and pneumatic components. The mechanic must follow instructions, read schematics, read precision measuring devices, record data and analyze test data. This person troubleshoots automated equipment, performs routine maintenance and connects units to automated control systems. Individuals with previous mechanical experience, small engine or automotive backgrounds do extremely well in the Fluid Power Mechanic program. This program is designed to prepare an individual to meet the challenges of current industry trends. The program courses cover hydraulics, pneumatics, blueprint reading, programmable logic controls and industrial electricity.Fluid Power Engineering TechnologyView
Food and Beverage SpecialtiesAdvanced Technical CertificateThe certificate includes select advanced courses included in the AAS degree in addition to advanced techniques. The Advanced Certificate will introduce additional methods and techniques that will increase the student’s repertoire of ethnic cuisine, knowledge of the role of wine, beer and spirits in culinary service, current trends in the hospitality industry and bar and beverage management. Prerequisite: This certificate is designed for persons who possess one of the following: • One year hospitality industry experience • Currently enrolled in a culinary arts program • Instructor permissionCulinary ArtsView
Furniture FabricationOccupational CertificateThis certificate focuses on the design, layout and construction of both furniture and furniture components. Emphasis will be placed on the product design and manufacturing techniques for custom furniture.Woodworking TechnologyView