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Award TitleAward TypeAward DescriptionProgram TitleAward Outline
Fire Science TechnologyAssociate in Applied Science DegreeThe A.A.S. degree in Fire Science Technology prepares students to perform the duties of a line officer. As students progress, they will also complete the requirements for two certificates; Fire Suppression Technician and Company Officer. Students typically complete the Fire Suppression Technician certificate first which qualifies them for a lead firefighter position with most fire departments. As students gain experience and continue their education they will earn a Company Officer certificate. The course work also prepares students to take promotional exams. Student must be 18 years of age or meet the requirements for eligibility under Hennepin Technical College’s Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) standards. Fire ProtectionView
Fire Suppression TechnicianOccupational CertificateThe Fire Suppression Technician certificate will prepare the student to perform lead firefighter and apparatus operator functions. Students learn firefighter techniques, company functions, hazardous materials functions and emergency medical procedures. Team work is emphasized throughout the program. Student must be 18 years of age or meet the requirements for eligibility under Hennepin Technical College’s Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) standards. Fire ProtectionView
Fluid Power Engineering TechnicianDiplomaFluid Power Engineering Technicians are responsible for building and modifying fluid power systems. Technicians calculate system parameters, design hydraulic and pneumatic circuits, evaluate operating systems and recommend changes for maximum efficiency. This program will focus on hydraulic and pneumatic component repair and testing, industrial electricity, programmable logic controls, circuit design and system design. Emphasis will be placed on computer-aided circuit construction and software programming of automated systems. Individuals that enjoy working with their hands as well as their minds and have a high mechanical aptitude should consider this program. Technicians must be able to read schematics, determine adjustments to improve system efficiency and recommend circuit changes. Technicians test components and systems, document changes and build new systems.Fluid Power Engineering TechnologyView
Fluid Power Engineering TechnicianAssociate in Applied Science DegreeThe Fluid Power Engineering Technician A.A.S. degree program prepares individuals to perform high level research and design work. Emphasis is placed on system design, test and evaluation, problem-solving, business communications, system integration, computer-aided circuit construction and programmable logic controls. Technicians design, modify and specify motion controls for today`s high speed production equipment. The program will focus on improving system efficiency through the integration of technology (hydraulics, pneumatics, PLC`s, industrial controls and computers). Individuals with a high mechanical aptitude that enjoy working with their hands as well as their minds should consider this program. This individual must be a people orientated person.Fluid Power Engineering TechnologyView
Fluid Power MechanicDiplomaThe Fluid Power Mechanic fabricates, assembles, repairs and tests hydraulic and pneumatic components. The mechanic must follow instructions, read schematics, read precision measuring devices, record data and analyze test data. This person troubleshoots automated equipment, performs routine maintenance and connects units to automated control systems. Individuals with previous mechanical experience, small engine or automotive backgrounds do extremely well in the Fluid Power Mechanic program. This program is designed to prepare an individual to meet the challenges of current industry trends. The program courses cover hydraulics, pneumatics, blueprint reading, programmable logic controls and industrial electricity.Fluid Power Engineering TechnologyView
Food and Beverage SpecialtiesAdvanced Technical CertificateThe certificate includes select advanced courses included in the AAS degree in addition to advanced techniques. The Advanced Certificate will introduce additional methods and techniques that will increase the student’s repertoire of ethnic cuisine, knowledge of the role of wine, beer and spirits in culinary service, current trends in the hospitality industry and bar and beverage management. Prerequisite: This certificate is designed for persons who possess one of the following: • One year hospitality industry experience • Currently enrolled in a culinary arts program • Instructor permissionCulinary ArtsView
General Construction LaborerOccupational CertificateGeneral construction laborers perform a wide variety of activities during all phases of construction. They assist carpenters and other specialized contractors in framing, roofing, and interior and exterior finishing during the building and/or remodeling of residential and commercial structures. They read blueprints, sketches and specifications for information pertaining to dimensions, types of materials required and standards of work. General construction laborers work with a variety of hand tools, power tools and equipment. They work in a variety of physically demanding situations including weather extremes, heights and enclosed areas.CarpentryView
General Maintenance TechnicianOccupational CertificateThe Marine, Motorsport and Outdoor Power Equipment program at Hennepin Technical College is divided into coursework specific to each aspect of the industry. The emphasis of the General Maintenance Technician Certificate is to provide students with the foundational skills and knowledge needed for a career pathway into more advanced level courses or into an entry-level employment in the industry.Marine, Motorsport and Outdoor Power Equipment TechnologyView
GMAW Production Welder (MIG)Occupational CertificateThis certificate will provide the student with entry-level skills and knowledge to perform as a gas metal arc welder (GMAW) with minimum supervision in all positions in the following areas: production manufacturing, pipe/tubing, food industry, areo space, and ornamental/sculpture, on ferrous and non ferrous metals. You can obtain entry-level employment by just taking a few courses that will lead towards a certificate in MIG or TIG welding. Taking additional courses will provide you with the opportunity for job advancement as a welder. Welding courses are also valuable for persons who have careers or interests that require some welding knowledge.Welding and Metal FabricationView
Graphic Design: CreativeDiplomaGraphic design by definition is the applied art of designing any information, thought, idea or message for print and digital media. Graphic designers skillfully master advanced technology to transform an idea or concept. The transformation procedure is an integral part of the print or digital media production process. Graphic designers have an inherent ability to create by utilizing basic design principles and color theory; applying typographical knowledge and techniques; capturing digital graphic images; and manipulating photos and illustrations through various industry standard software and hardware components. Are you a creative problem solver? Are you artistic? Do you work well under pressure? Do you like computers and technology? Do you adapt to change easily and quickly? Are you detail-oriented? Do you communicate well with people? Are you a life-long learner? If so, the field of graphic design is an exciting and challenging career choice, a choice that gives the individual the power to be an effective participant in the world of media communications. This diploma prepares you for the creative Graphic Design field that works so closely with printing, web and multi-media industries. Prerequisites: Testing score equivalent or CPLT1100 Essential Computer Applications, CPLT1200 Introduction to Macintosh.Graphic DesignView