• Program: Electronics Technology
  • Course: AC Circuits
  • Course #: ELEC1050
  • Total Credits: 4

Course Description

This course is designed to provide the student with the basic electronic concepts as they apply to the generation and measurement of alternating current. The student will compute AC voltages and currents in resistive capacitive and inductive circuits. These will then be compared with data measured with both the multimeter and oscilloscope. The student will learn to correctly and safely use Two Trace Oscilloscopes, AC meters and function generators. Circuits will be designed and evaluated by breadboarding and/or computer simulation software.

Course Evaluation

Refer to Course Syllabus for detailed information regarding the requirements and evaluation standards for this course. The Course Syllabus will be distributed the first week of the course.

Disability Services

Hennepin Technical College offers reasonable accommodations to qualified students with disabilities. If you have a documented disability that may require accommodations, contact the college’s Disability Services Director: Sara Laviolette at Brooklyn Park (763-488-2477) or Jean Kreutter at Eden Prairie (952-995-1544).

Course Goals

The following goals will be addressed in the course:
Explain the principles of alternation
Explain the laws of magnetism
Operate the Oscilloscope and the Signal Generator
Use an Oscilloscope to measure voltage, period and phase relationships of different waveforms
Demonstrate probe compensation in an Oscilloscope
Calculate the peak, root mean square, average and Instantaneous voltage values of waveforms
Measure the characteristics of square and rectangular waveforms
Calculate inductance and inductive reactance in series and parallel circuits
Calculate capacitance and capacitive reactance in series and parallel circuits
Identify the physical properties of inductors and capacitors
Analyze series and parallel characteristics of inductors and capacitors
Identify transformers and their performance characteristics

Credit Details
  • Lecture: 3
  • Lab: 1
  • MnTC Goal: 0
Course Details
  • Prerequisites:  ELEC1000 or equivalent
  • Campus: Brooklyn Park

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