• Program: English
  • Course: Technical Writing
  • Course #: ENGL2125
  • Total Credits: 3

Course Description

This course will enhance students` abilities to write effective technical reports. Emphasis will be on effective writing styles, audience analysis, ethics, intercultural issues, documentation of sources, designing visual aides, and practicing outlining techniques to create instructions and process reports. Students also will plan, organize, and complete a persuasive proposal.

Course Evaluation

Refer to Course Syllabus for detailed information regarding the requirements and evaluation standards for this course. The Course Syllabus will be distributed the first week of the course.

Disability Services

Hennepin Technical College offers reasonable accommodations to qualified students with disabilities. If you have a documented disability that may require accommodations, contact the college’s Disability Services Director: Sara Laviolette at Brooklyn Park (763-488-2477) or Jean Kreutter at Eden Prairie (952-995-1544).

Course Goals

The following goals will be addressed in the course:
Use the writing process to compose effective technical documents
Analyze the needs of specific audiences in specific writing situations
Differentiate among several different rhetorical strategies
Identify intercultural issues in technical writing
Select information appropriate for audience
Design technical documents appropriate for specific audiences and writing situations
Analyze sources for accuracy and relevance
Use secondary sources to persuade
Apply conventions of technical documents to original compositions
Analyze technical writing samples for effectiveness
Apply the conventions of Standard Edited American English to all written documents
Use technology competently when composing technical documents

Credit Details
  • Lecture: 3
  • Lab: 0
  • MnTC Goal: 1
Course Details
  • Prerequisites: 
    Qualifying score on writing assessment test OR ENGL1021 or ENGL1026 and Qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0921. Basic computer literacy skills required
  • Campus: Brooklyn Park/Eden Prairie

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