• Program: Biology
  • Course: General Biology I
  • Course #: BIOL2005
  • Total Credits: 4

Course Description

This course studies the organization of life with emphasis on cellular biology. Topics include chemistry, cytology, energy and metabolism, gene expression and regulation, inheritance, natural selection, and biotechnology. Comparison of eukaryotic, prokaryotic, and acellular structures and mechanisms are studied. The laboratory sessions reinforce concepts discussed in lecture as well as provide a strong foundation in scientific methods and statistical analyses. Fundamental laboratory skills such as safety, measurement, and instrumentation are emphasized. This course covers the characteristics of hazardous wastes and its safe handling, storage, and disposal.

Course Evaluation

Refer to Course Syllabus for detailed information regarding the requirements and evaluation standards for this course. The Course Syllabus will be distributed the first week of the course.

Disability Services

Hennepin Technical College offers reasonable accommodations to qualified students with disabilities. If you have a documented disability that may require accommodations, contact the college’s Disability Services Director: Sara Laviolette at Brooklyn Park (763-488-2477) or Jean Kreutter at Eden Prairie (952-995-1544).

Course Goals

The following goals will be addressed in the course:
Define the characteristics of life
Apply basic principles of inorganic, bio- and physical chemistry to biological processes
Explain the relationship among cellular structures and their functions
Describe the regulation of cell cycles and cellular division
Explain the flow of energy in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cellular processes
Describe the processes of genetic regulation, expression, and inheritance
Discuss the roles of biotechnology in society
Apply the scientific method in a laboratory setting
Demonstrate the appropriate use of laboratory equipment
Determine the appropriate method for collecting data

Credit Details
  • Lecture: 3
  • Lab: 1
  • MnTC Goal: 2 & 3
Course Details
  • Prerequisites: 
    Qualifying score on math assessment test OR MATH1500 or MATH1650 and Qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0921
  • Campus: Brooklyn Park/Eden Prairie

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