• Program: Interactive Design Video Production
  • Course: DSLR Video Production
  • Course #: MMVP1700
  • Total Credits: 3

Course Description

This course will introduce photographers and video producers to video production with a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera. The basic course will cover the DSLR workflow, which will include planning, shot composition, lenses, media types, media off-loading, media conforming and processing software, editing and delivery. This course is designed for photographers and video producers with emphasis on client delivery for weddings, corporate training and movie making.

Course Evaluation

Refer to Course Syllabus for detailed information regarding the requirements and evaluation standards for this course. The Course Syllabus will be distributed the first week of the course.

Disability Services

Hennepin Technical College offers reasonable accommodations to qualified students with disabilities. If you have a documented disability that may require accommodations, contact the college’s Disability Services Director: Sara Laviolette at Brooklyn Park (763-488-2477) or Jean Kreutter at Eden Prairie (952-995-1544).

Course Goals

The following goals will be addressed in the course:
Identify the parts of a DSLR camera
Identify various HD and SD video formats and frame rates
Identify the types of lenses used with DSLR cameras for video
Capture footage from a DSLR camera
Demonstrate camera movement and composition
Demonstrate archiving workflow
Set up lights for interviews and product shots
Set up audio for interviews and event recording
Utilize DSLR footage conforming software
Utilize non-linear editing software
Create video projects using pre-production, production and post-production methods
Use compression and exporting software for delivery to the web
Use DVD authoring software for delivery

Credit Details
  • Lecture: 2
  • Lab: 1
  • MnTC Goal: 0
Course Details
  • Prerequisites: 
  • Campus: Brooklyn Park

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