• Program: 360 Programs-Center for Mfg & Applied Eng
  • Course: Motor Control
  • Course #: CMAE1558
  • Total Credits: 3

Course Description

This course introduces the learner to motor control components and provides them with a basic knowledge of control circuitry. The learner will build on his/her experiences from Basic Electricity by designing, building, and troubleshooting more complex circuits. Devices such as contactors, motor-starters, relays, timers, mechanical, and proximity switches are used. Electronic motor controls and programmable devices such as variable frequency drives are introduced in this course.

Course Evaluation

Refer to Course Syllabus for detailed information regarding the requirements and evaluation standards for this course. The Course Syllabus will be distributed the first week of the course.

Disability Services

Hennepin Technical College offers reasonable accommodations to qualified students with disabilities. If you have a documented disability that may require accommodations, contact the college’s Disability Services Director: Sara Laviolette at Brooklyn Park (763-488-2477) or Jean Kreutter at Eden Prairie (952-995-1544).

Course Goals

The following goals will be addressed in the course:
Demonstrate the ability to identify, select and install the correct devices for the control of machine operations
Identify control circuit and logic symbols and implement appropriate documentation procedures
Compare the design and operation of various motors
List the conditions of starting and stopping, speed control, and protection of electric motors
Draw the wiring diagram symbols and explain the operation of various pilot devices including push buttons, pressure switches, float switches, flow switches, limit switches, and temperature switches
Develop a schematic and a wiring diagram to obtain a specific control function, connect the circuit, test and troubleshoot the circuit
Describe motor maintenance practices

Credit Details
  • Lecture: 2
  • Lab: 1
  • MnTC Goal: 0
Course Details
  • Prerequisites:  CMAE1552 or equivalent course
  • Campus: Brooklyn Park/Eden Prairie

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