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Course TitleCourse DescriptionCreditsPrerequisitesCourse NumberCourse Outline
Deck ConstructionThis course is an introduction to deck building for the carpentry student or homeowner. This course will touch on design/code requirements. The student will install footings, frame the floor, install decking, install railings and stairs as needed. This course will cover the characteristics of hazardous wastes and its safe handling, storage, and disposal.1NoneCARP1190View
Concrete Stairs, Walks and DrivesThis course introduces the student to procedures used to form, pour and finish concrete stairs, walks and driveways.1NoneCARP1420View
AutoCAD Upgrade TrainingThis course covers only the changes, enhancements and additions that have occurred with the latest release of the AutoCAD software package.1NoneENGC2050View
Machinists Reference MaterialsThis course will introduce the student to the use of reference books used by individuals in the machining industry. The use of Machinery`s Handbook and The Machinists Practical Guide will be covered. This course will cover the characteristics of hazardous wastes and its safe handling, storage, and disposal.1NoneMACH1145View
Energy Efficient ConstructionThis course is a study of the State Energy Code and construction methods and strategies used to build energy efficient houses.1NoneCARP1840View
Critical ListeningThis course introduces the student to listening critically and analytically in order to evaluate sound quality and to analyze common sound problems.1NoneARSP1140View
Building CodeThis course is a study of the parts of the State Building Code that relate to residential construction.1CARP1511CARP1830View
Residential Blueprint ReadingThis course introduces the student to the fundamentals of blueprints and the reading of residential blueprints through the use of a standard workbook and construction blueprints.1Qualifying score on reading assessment test OR Qualifying score on ESL reading assessment testCARP1810View
Introduction to Computer Assisted DrawingThis course will introduce students to a computer program for drawing blueprints. After completing the program, students will be able to draw and dimension a blueprint, insert windows and doors and other components.1NoneCARP1850View
Basic Grammar Skills IThis course will help students increase grammar skills needed for success in college and the workplace. This course is required for students who score below 62 on the Accuplacer Placement Exam and register for ENGL0930. In addition, students who have scored above 62 on the Accuplacer and want to update their English Grammar Skills, students who want to prepare for the Accuplacer Placement Exam, or students who are recommended by an Instructor or Advisor may also take this course. Through a pre-assessment, a specialized curriculum will be developed for each of these students.1Co-requisites of ENGL0930ENGL0931View