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Course TitleCourse DescriptionCreditsPrerequisitesCourse NumberCourse Outline
MN Criminal and Traffic CodesThis course is an overview of the Minnesota Criminal Code and Minnesota Traffic Laws. Emphasis is on coverage of statutes emphasized in Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) learning objectives. The course combines characteristics of two POST secondary learning attitudes; academic education and vocational-oriented training. The course will enhance both knowledge of criminal and traffic laws the student will use as an officer and understanding of how our laws are affected by case law.3Admission into the Law Enforcement ProgramLAWE2231View
A+ Hardware SupportThis advanced course will provide practical knowledge of Personal Computer (PC) hardware and printers needed to provide technical support to computer users. Students will acquire many of the hardware skills necessary for the CompTIA A+ certification.3CCIS1101 or instructor approvalCCIS2675View
TelemetryThis course covers the fundamental concepts of signal interfacing and telemetry circuits in industrial situations. 2ELEC2400ELEC2420View
Industrial ControlsThis course covers the fundamental concepts of input and output transducer circuits, position and motion detection. These concepts will be studied from an analog and digital point of view.2ELEC1450, ELEC2000 and ELEC2020 or equivalentELEC2400View
Legal Issues for Law EnforcementThe course will familiarize students with the principles of criminal procedures, the rules established by the US Supreme Court relating to stop, frisk, arrest, search interrogation and identification, and the legal process applicable to law enforcement. Students will study the legal concepts involved in the application of the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments to policing as well as Minnesota State Constitution and procedural requirements.3Admission into the Law Enforcement ProgramLAWE2230View
PracticumThe focus of this clinical experience is to apply Medical Assistant skills in the ambulatory care setting to patients across the lifespan. Students will work under the supervision of clinical personnel. The emphasis is on delivering safe, competent care. Students will observe and/or participate in clinical and laboratory procedures and treatments. Ethical and legal obligations of the Medical Assistant are integrated throughout the experience. This practicum is an unpaid experience in an ambulatory care setting. This experience facilitates performance within the Scope of Practice for the Medical Assistant student.6MAST2021, MAST2035, and EMSV1155. Cleared Criminal Background study. Negative Mantoux or negative chest x-ray within 30 days of start of course. Current CPR (Health Care Providers or Professional Rescuer). Completed Immunization form (Hepatitis B, Varicella, Tetanus, MMR)MAST2041View
Specialized LabThis course is designed for students who want to enhance their skills and knowledge in order to become more proficient in specialized areas of the curriculum. Specialized lab content must be different from or beyond the expected skill level available in current course offerings. Students will have the ability to direct their efforts, with instructor approval, in curriculum activities that meet their needs. A `Specialized Lab Training Agreement` must be signed by the student and the instructor and submitted to the registrar at the time of registration.1_to_4Instructor approvalMAST1900View
Fundamentals of Radiographic ImagingThis course is designed to give students an overview of limited radiology technology and the importance it plays in the medical field. It will provide students with the necessary information to understand the following: medical terminology as related to the specialty of radiology, the design and proper use of x-ray equipment, the principles of radiation safety with protection for both the operator and the patient, and the importance of good, safe working habits. It will also prepare students for the ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists) Limited Scope Examination for x-ray operators. The lab is situated off-campus.2BIOL2045 or BIOL2115 or HLTH1010MAST2000View
Regulated Power SuppliesIn this course students will learn how circuits can regulate and control voltages and currents. A variety of practical power supply circuits will be built and tested. Circuits will be designed and evaluated by breadboarding and/or computer simulation software.2ELEC1300 or equivalentELEC2450View
EETC/Advanced TroubleshootingThis course will include advanced four cycle and two-cycle engine theory. Equipment and Engine Training Council (EETC) Certification will be stressed in the content of the class. Also covered will be advanced troubleshooting, and failure analysis. This course will cover the characteristics of hazardous wastes and its safe handling, storage, and disposal.3MMST1105MMST2325View