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Course TitleCourse DescriptionCreditsPrerequisitesCourse NumberCourse Outline
Multitrack Recording Theory IIThis course is a continuation of the practical techniques of multitrack recording covered in Multitrack Recording Theory I. Topics include advanced production techniques, advanced linear and disk-based digital recording techniques, advanced consoles and automation, mixing techniques, basic troubleshooting, advanced A for V concepts, and career strategies.3ARSP1300 and ARSP1310. Prereq. or concurrent ARSP1320, ARSP1331, ARSP1510 and ARSP2120 or instructor approvalARSP1500View
Multitrack Recording Lab IIThis course covers practical applications of techniques and theory covered in Multitrack Recording Theory II and is to be taken concurrently. The student will record and mix various music projects.3ARSP1500 or instructor approvalARSP1510View
Using MIDI EquipmentThis course is a continuation of the basic MIDI principles and techniques covered in Introduction to MIDI, with emphasis on advanced sound design, MIDI and disk-based digital recording integration, waveform/sample editing, and A for V ADR techniques.3ARSP1331 or instructor approvalARSP1531View
Acoustics and Recording Studio DesignThis course covers principles of sound, room measurement techniques and a discussion of the acoustical properties of room materials and their effect on room acoustics. Special emphasis will be given to cost effective studio design, or more specifically, how to build a recording studio with a limited budget.2Qualifying score on math assessment test OR MATH1050 or MATH1060 and ARSP1100ARSP1541View
Specialized LabThis course is designed for students who want to enhance their skills and knowledge in order to become more proficient in specialized areas of the curriculum. Specialized lab content must be different from or beyond the expected skill level available in current course offerings. Students will have the ability to direct their efforts, with instructor approval, in curriculum activities that meet their needs. A `Specialized Lab Training Agreement` must be signed by the student and the instructor and submitted to the registrar at the time of registration.1_to_4NoneARSP1900View
Multitrack Recording Theory IIIThis course is a continuation of the practical techniques of multitrack recording cover in Multitrack Recording Theory II. Topics include: mastering, beauty reel assembly, advanced session management skills, and specialized equipment applications.1ARSP1500 and ARSP1510. This course should be taken concurrently with ARSP2110ARSP2100View
Multitrack Recording Lab IIIThis course covers practical applications of techniques and theory covered in Multitrack Recording Theory III. The student will record and mix various projects.3ARSP1500 and ARSP1510 ARSP2111View
Audio Mixing TechniquesThis course covers advanced mixing techniques on both digital and analogue mixing consoles, and basic digital mastering.2ARSP1500 and ARSP1510 or instructor approvalARSP2115View
Digital Audio Theory (Pro Tools 101/110)This course covers principles and practical applications of digital audio recording and editing, emphasizing disk-based random access systems. Successful completion of this course will result in AVID 135 certification and the completion of the AVID 135 curriculum.3ARSP1100, ARSP1110, ARSP1130 or instructor approvalARSP2120View
Music BusinessThis course covers legal and business topics that pertain to the music industry such as equipment purchasing/leasing, studio rate negotiation, financing, contracts and publishing. 2Qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0921ARSP2150View