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Course TitleCourse DescriptionCreditsPrerequisitesCourse NumberCourse Outline
Computer Room Air ConditioningThis course entails heat/cool machines for computer room comfort control. This course will teach the student installation, start up and servicing of computer room heat/cool machines.1Residential HVAC Diploma or equivalent industry experienceHVAC2060View
Air Quality SystemsThis course will introduce the student to the skills necessary to service air filtration systems, heat recovery ventilators and humidifiers.1HVAC1071 and HVAC1110HVAC1160View
Hazardous Materials Management and HandlingThis course is designed to provide the student with information and skills required for the safe performance of daily work activities involving hazardous materials. The emphasis of this course is safe work practices. 1NoneENHS1120View
Introduction to EMS SystemsThis is a general introductory course for students planning studies in Emergency Medical Services. Students will learn the history, development, and current model for the delivery of out-of-hospital medical services in the United States. Topics include legal and ethical issues and communication systems.1NoneEMSV1000View
First Responder RefresherFirst Responder Refresher contains 16 hours of continuing medical education which meets The State of Minnesota and National Registry standards to recertify as a First Responder. This 16 hours contains mostly lecture and some hands on demonstration.1Minnesota First Responder who is current in their certificationEMSV1260View
Principles of Basic Life Support for Healthcare ProvidersThis course is intended for students in healthcare-related programs needing CPR certification, as well as students desiring more depth in their knowledge in Basic Life Support (BLS). The student will receive an American Heart Association card showing certification as a provider of BLS for Healthcare Providers. Anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology as it relates to heart disease and stroke will be discussed. Certification in adult, child, and infant Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and choking will be provided using the latest guidelines provided by the American Heart Association. Personal and victim safety, ethical/legal considerations, and special resuscitation situations will also be discussed.1EMSV1020 OR Current CPR certification OR taken currently with EMSV1100EMSV1180View
Intravenous (IV) AccessThis course is designed to teach the principals of Intravenous Access, along with assessing the patient who will need intravenous access and fluid resuscitation.1NoneEMSV1190View
CPR/First AidThe student will learn how to: recognize a life threatening emergency; remain calm; how and when to call 911; perform healthcare provider level CPR skills on all age groups including 2 rescuer CPR; assist a conscious or unconscious choking adult, child or infant; use an Automatic External Defibrillator.1NoneEMSV1020View
International Trauma Life Support (ITLS)This is a course designed for the prehospital provider not covered in the EMT course for trauma assessment and skills. The student will use the rapid trauma assessment algorithm, learning how to assess, treat and package the patient. We will be following the ITLS standards and upon successful completion of this course the student will receive certification as an ITLS provider. $25.00 fee required for purchase of a certification card.1NoneEMSV1195View
College Success SeminarThis course provides students the skills and knowledge to successfully transition to a college level technical education program. The course covers the history and mission of technical education, strategies for navigating the college experience, career and academic planning, time management, diversity and multiculturalism, and skills for life long learning. Topics are explored through lecture, guest speakers, and group activities.1NoneCCDS1000View