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Course TitleCourse DescriptionCreditsPrerequisitesCourse NumberCourse Outline
Multitrack Recording Lab IIIThis course covers practical applications of techniques and theory covered in Multitrack Recording Theory III. The student will record and mix various projects.3ARSP1500 and ARSP1510 ARSP2111View
Introduction to Residential ConstructionThis course is designed to introduce students to basic construction procedures and operations used to construct a residence. Emphasis will be placed on construction principle of measurement, layout and power tool operation and safety along with OSHA 10 compliance.2Qualifying score on reading assessment test OR Qualifying score on ESL reading assessment testCARP1101View
Exterior FinishesThis course will introduce students to various types of exterior finishing techniques. Students will obtain knowledge of different types of roofing, siding and cornice products. An emphasis will be placed on expediting the installation techniques for each facet of exterior finishes.4Qualifying score on reading assessment test OR Qualifying score on ESL reading assessment testCARP1240View
Mini-Split Air ConditionersThis course explores the installation and service concerns for residential Mini – Split Air Conditioners.1HVAC1040 or Industry ExperienceHVAC1025View
Data Analysis IIntroductory data analyst course using Excel, Access and PowerPoint. Extensive use of Excel spreadsheets including formulas, graphs and pivot tables. Create basic Access queries to gather data. Course covers concepts such as percentages, trends and basic statistical concepts.3CCIS1080 - Required. ACCT1125 and MATH2150 - RecommendedCCIS1260View
Data Analysis IIContinuation of Data Analysis I with more advanced treatment of data reporting, interpretation, and presentation. Advanced Excel formulas, functions and macros will be created to perform advanced data interpretations. Explore the need and use of data within a variety of industries, such as healthcare and banking. Students should have advanced Excel spreadsheet knowledge.3MATH2150 - Required. CCIS1260 - RecommendedCCIS2460View
Data Analysis IIIProject based course with applications to real world industries such as healthcare and banking. Healthcare and financial concepts and industry practice will be studied. Students will analyze data and present his findings using Excel and PowerPoint.4ACCT1125 - Required. CCIS2460 - RecommendedCCIS2465View
TrafficThis course will include instruction in the areas of Low Risk Traffic Stops, High Risk/Felony Stops, DWI enforcement, Crash Scene Management.1Admission into the Law Enforcement ProgramLAWE2275View
Essential Skills for Math PathwaysThis course focuses on developing number sense and by-hand computational skills with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and integers. These skills are a necessary foundation for employment, higher level mathematics courses, and everyday life. Students will also develop confidence in their mathematics skills through implementing a variety of strategies and study skills specific to mathematics.2NoneMATH0950View
Introduction to Woodworking TechnologyIn this course, students will be introduced to skills for blueprint reading, power tool operation, and safety. This course will also receive hands-on experience with different techniques for machining, assembling and finishing wood components.2NoneCBTG1100View