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Course TitleCourse DescriptionCreditsPrerequisitesCourse NumberCourse Outline
Using Body Filler IIProper finish of plastic body filler in a quick, efficient manner is necessary to minimize labor costs and maximize earnings. At the completion of this course the student will be able to repair a heavily damaged panel in the most cost effective manner.2NoneABCT1165View
Using MIDI EquipmentThis course is a continuation of the basic MIDI principles and techniques covered in Introduction to MIDI, with emphasis on advanced sound design, MIDI and disk-based digital recording integration, waveform/sample editing, and A for V ADR techniques.3ARSP1331 or instructor approvalARSP1531View
Vehicle ServiceThis course is designed to give the student an understanding of preventive maintenance, service, adjustment, and inspection of medium and heavy-duty trucks. This course will cover the characteristics of hazardous wastes and its safe handling, storage, and disposal.3Qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0901 and Qualifying score on computer literacy assessment test OR CPLT0900MHTT1020View
Video Field ProductionThis course will give the student fundamental understanding of remote video production. Camera setup, audio techniques and proper lighting on location will be explored. Students will work as a team with this `hands-on` course.3MMVP1511 with a grade of C or better and MMVP1600 with a grade of C or better or instructor approvalMMVP2550View
Videography and DirectingIn this course students will develop and increase their camera skills, including hand-held operation, Electronic News Gathering (ENG) and Electronic Field Production (EFP) applications. Students will also be introduced to directing techniques, including single camera and multi-camera strategies.4MMVP1511 with a grade of C or better and MMVP1600 with a grade of C or better or instructor approvalMMVP1605View
Vision Systems for QA/SPCIn this course students will learn how to perform quality control as applied to packaging machines. Students will learn up to date methods using Vision System technology, and how to apply Statistical Process Control. The basic principles of machinery operation will also be discussed. Students will complete a statistical process control chart based on their machine set-up. Included are workbooks and lab exercises providing a background on packaging machines where quality control is used. 3NoneARET1165View
Water Chiller MachinesThis lecture course introduces theory and operation of the equipment required to heat and cool water for the environment conditioning of commercial buildings. Repair and operation of pumps, valves and chillers will be explained.3HVAC1040 and HVAC1110HVAC2100View
Weatherization of New and Existing HomesThis course will cover improving the energy efficiency and the health, comfort and safety of the occupants of new and existing buildings. The emphasis will be on cost effective weatherization strategies and techniques. This course includes an introduction to energy audits and diagnostics.3NoneCARP2015View
Web BasicsThis course will introduce students to the fundamentals of XHTML. Students will learn to deploy XHTML through traditional hand-coding and WYSIWYG applications. Instruction will focus on the implementation of web standards, valid markup, usability, and accessibility. Students will learn through hands-on practice how to design, create, and deploy basic web sites.2Qualifying score on computer literacy assessment test OR CPLT1100 or CPLT1200 and qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0901MMVP1540View
Web Design & Development IThis course will introduce students to the basics of the latest version of HTML (hypertext markup language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) while preparing them for more advanced studies. Students will learn HTML and CSS from the ground up, beginning with solid industry standard concepts. Instruction will stress designing for backward and forward compatibility, usability, and accessibility using standards-based markup. Topics include asset management, image optimization, web hosting, site planning, and the various tools web designers use to produce effective websites that meet industry demands. Students will plan, design and develop a basic web site utilizing HTML and CSS according to W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards.3Qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0901MGDP1250View