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Course TitleCourse DescriptionCreditsPrerequisitesCourse NumberCourse Outline
3D BasicsThis course introduces foundations 3D modeling and animation. Students will explore different aspects of 3D modeling and animation to create interior environments, exterior environments, vehicles, and characters. Students will create textures, light scenes, and apply effects.3MMVP1500 with a grade of C or better or instructor approvalMMVP1545View
Web BasicsThis course will introduce students to the fundamentals of XHTML. Students will learn to deploy XHTML through traditional hand-coding and WYSIWYG applications. Instruction will focus on the implementation of web standards, valid markup, usability, and accessibility. Students will learn through hands-on practice how to design, create, and deploy basic web sites.2Qualifying score on computer literacy assessment test OR CPLT1100 or CPLT1200 and qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0901MMVP1540View
FlashThis course will introduce the fundamentals of creating exciting animations and compelling interactive projects using Adobe Flash.3MMVP1500 with a grade of C or better or instructor approvalMMVP1520View
Digital Media TechnologyThis course is designed to give students a basic knowledge of the technical aspects of the hardware and software used in the digital design world. It includes the basics of file formats and input and output considerations for all types of media.2Qualifying score on computer literacy assessment test OR CPLT1100 or CPLT1200 and qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0901MMVP1516View
Production PlanningThis course will introduce the student to the process of evaluating client needs and preparing written production documents for multimedia and video projects.4NoneMMVP1511View
Introduction to Visual CommunicationsIn this course emphasis will be on the basic visual design strategies and techniques used in all types of multimedia presentations.3NoneMMVP1505View
Concepts of Interactive MediaThis introductory course will provide the student with an overview of the world of interactive media. The student will be exposed to software and hardware currently being used in the industry and through lectures and projects will explore the role of the interactive designer in the production of different types of multimedia.3Qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0901 and Qualifying score on computer literacy assessment test OR CPLT1100 or CPLT1200MMVP1500View
Fuel Injection SystemsThis course will cover the fundamentals of EFI computer systems, diagnosis and repair of fuel injection systems. Students will work with manufacture supported scan tools and late model equipment performing live troubleshooting commonly found in industry within Marine, Motorsports and Outdoor Power Equipment. Industry certification is also available based on eligibility and current offerings.3MMST1110, MMST2300, and MMST2305MMST2400View
InternshipThis course allows the student to gain on-the-job experience in the Marine, Motorsport and Outdoor Power Equipment industry. The student is responsible for finding and setting up the internship position. One (1) to three (3) credits can be taken, with each credit requiring 40 hours of time spent on the job. Student performance will be monitored by the instructor and evaluated by the employer.1_to_3Instructor approvalMMST2350View
Repair and Accessory LabThis course will allow the student to advance the skills and knowledge from previous courses to repair, restore or accessorize marine, motorsports or outdoor power equipment. Students will present an approved project plan, estimate, design, and material list before work begins. This course will cover the characteristics of hazardous wastes and its safe handling, storage, and disposal.3NoneMMST2340View