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Course TitleCourse DescriptionCreditsPrerequisitesCourse NumberCourse Outline
Schoolage Development and LearningThe student will study caregiving methods for school-age children in either home or center based settings. The student will identify components of a developmentally appropriate program. Activities and materials that nurture children's development will be explored. The student will also examine new teaching strategies that are effective with school age children. For this course students should either be currently working with children or have consistent access to a group of schoolage children.2CDEV1160 and CDEV1500CDEV2255View
Observation and AssessmentThe student will examine the appropriate use of assessment and observation strategies to document development, growth, play and learning. There will be a focus on increasing objectivity in observing and interpreting children's behavior. Recording strategies, rating systems, multiple assessment tools and portfolios are explored. For this course students should have access to a child who is between the ages of 3 and 5.3CDEV1500 and ENGL2121CDEV1160View
Practicum IIAfter successful completion of Practicum I, students will continue to demonstrate early childhood teaching competencies under guided supervision making connections between theory and practice. Students will continue to practice professional behaviors as they apply child-centered, play-oriented approaches to teaching and learning. They will demonstrate knowledge of curriculum content areas as they develop, implement, and assess curriculum that promote positive development and learning.3CDEV1725 and Instructor approvalCDEV1750View
NOCTI Early Childhood ExamThe NOCTI Early Childhood Care and Education examination is given by Hennepin Technical College and is a nationally recognized student outcome assessment.0CDEV1725 to be taken concurrentlyCDEV2200View
AC PowerThis course covers investigation of alternating current and its behavior in resistive, inductive and reactive series, parallel, and series/parallel circuits; use of test instrumentation; and electromagnetic induction.3CMAE1550 or equivalent courseCMAE1552View
Motor ControlThis course introduces the learner to motor control components and provides them with a basic knowledge of control circuitry. The learner will build on his/her experiences from Basic Electricity by designing, building, and troubleshooting more complex circuits. Devices such as contactors, motor-starters, relays, timers, mechanical, and proximity switches are used. Electronic motor controls and programmable devices such as variable frequency drives are introduced in this course.3CMAE1552 or equivalent courseCMAE1558View
Analog CircuitsThis course covers diodes, power supplies, transistor operation, biasing, and specifications along with amplifier configuration and applications. It also covers operational amplifier operation, applications, and related circuitry. Troubleshooting, design, and circuit analysis are emphasized.3CMAE1552 or equivalent courseCMAE1556View
CNC Turning CentersThis course will introduce the student to CNC turning centers. Programming, tooling, setup, and operation of CNC turning centers will be emphasized.3CNC Operators Certificate, or equivalent industry experience with instructors approvalMACH2435View
CNC MillingThis course will introduce the student to the fundamentals of computer numerical controlled milling. Programming, tooling requirements, machine setup, and machine operation will be emphasized.3CNC Operators Certificate, or equivalent industry experience with instructors approvalMACH2415View
CNC Setup and OperationThis course will familiarize students with CNC machines. The student will be trained in safety procedures, setup, and operation of various types of CNC machines. This course will cover the characteristics of hazardous wastes and its safe handling, storage, and disposal.3CNC Operators certificate, or equivalent industry experience with instructors approvalMACH2400View