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Course TitleCourse DescriptionCreditsPrerequisitesCourse NumberCourse Outline
ExcelThis course is designed to give the student knowledge of the creation and use of spreadsheets in business. The student will learn basic data manipulation and printing including formulas, what-if analyses, charts, sorts, and extraction.3Qualifying score on computer literacy assessment test OR CPLT1100 or CPLT1200 or CCIS1035 or CCIS1080ACCT1125View
Income TaxThis course is an explanation and interpretation of the Internal Revenue Code to assist taxpayers in the preparation and filing of individual, business, and corporate tax returns.4ACCT1102 or ACCT1107ACCT2231View
Small Business Accounting SimulationThis course is designed to provide a successful transition from the students' academic training to the workplace environment. The students are required to use a variety of their accounting skills in a simulated accounting position. It is intended for accounting students who are near the end of their degree program.3ACCT2200 and ACCT2231ACCT2900View
Ten-Key Calculator for AccountingThis course is designed for the student to learn the ten-key touch method for calculators. The student learns to use the calculator in math and accounting applications.2NoneACCT1116View
Instrumentation and Process Control IIThis course will introduce the student to basic process control theory including the fundamentals of process control loops and tuning. Troubleshooting techniques will be discussed and applied on manufacturing equipment. Students will utilized various software packages to construct and analyze systems. Integration of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's), Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and motor controllers will be discussed. This course will focus on the instrumentation and process control system as utilized on packaging machinery, automation systems, and robotics.3ARET2560ARET2580View
Payroll AccountingThis course provides a background in federal wage laws, wage and salary calculations, federal and state payroll tax calculations, federal and state federal reporting requirements and accounting for the payroll process. It includes a payroll preparation and quarterly and annual reporting practice set.3ACCT1000 or ACCT1102 or concurrentACCT1111View
Financial AccountingThis course is an introduction to the fundamental concepts and principles, from a user perspective, which are used in a business environment to analyze and record transactions using the accrual method of accounting. This course also covers analyzing transactions for cash, marketable securities, accounts receivable, payroll, current and contingent liabilities, inventories and plant assets.4ACCT1000 or ACCT1102ACCT2155View
Business AnalysisThis is a college level introductory course in business analysis. This course will detail the roles and responsibilities of the Business Analyst. The course will teach techniques to define the scope of work which includes: identify requirements-gathering techniques, identify the unique needs of stakeholders, customers and the I/T department in the business analysis process among the many facets of the business analyst's responsibilities.4CCIS2055BUSN2000View
Ford Suspension and AlignmentThis course will detail different types of suspension systems used on late model vehicles. Furthermore, the student will learn to perform two and four wheel alignment procedures.3NoneFMLR1601View
Intermediate Accounting IThis course is an overview of financial accounting and its theoretical foundation including a conceptual framework of accounting for financial statements. It includes an in depth study of specific assets and present and future value concepts.4ACCT1107ACCT2200View