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Course TitleCourse DescriptionCreditsPrerequisitesCourse NumberCourse Outline
Processing Physician`s OrdersThis course is designed to give the student the skills needed in transcribing physician's orders. Opportunities will be provided for the student gain experiences transcribing medication orders, diagnostic studies orders, treatment orders, diet orders and activity orders. The student will will become acquainted with specialty orders such as admission orders, preoperative orders and postoperative orders . Computer transcription will also be introduced. In addition, the student will gain experience reading hand written physician orders. 2Successful completion in HLUC1002, HLUC1020, and HLUC1061HLUC1101View
Diagnostic and Therapeutic ProceduresThis course is designed to acquaint the student with diagnostic tests and procedures, medication types and terminology, therapies and nursing procedures. The student will become familiar with the terminology necessary to transcribe physician orders. Beginning transcription skills will be taught. 3Successful completion in HLUC1002 and HLUC1020HLUC1061View
Emergency Response for Public WorkersThis course is designed to develop operational skills and procedures for individuals to recognize, evaluate, and provide support services in an emergency or disaster situation, understand the purpose and use of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS), and perform job related responsibilities in compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations. Students will learn how to manage an emergency medical situation through basic First Aid, CPR and AED until emergency personnel arrive.2Students must have a CURRENT OSHA 510 - 30 Hour for Construction OR OSHA 511 - 30 Hour for General Industry course certification card from an OSHA training institute class provider. Students must bring your CARD for verification to the FIRST classPWRK1015View
Customizing LabThis course will allow the student to use skills and knowledge from previous courses to customize motorcycles, boats or other equipment. This course will include modifications and installing accessories but no painting. Mechanical, electrical work and installing accessories will be allowed. Student will present a plan before starting work on the project with an estimate of both time and cost. This course will cover the characteristics of hazardous wastes and its safe handling, storage, and disposal.1_to_3Second year studentMMST2320View
Air Handling UnitsThis course will offer an analysis of different air handling units including face-bypass, hot deck-cold deck, reheat coils, and HRV`s (Heat Recovery Ventilators).1Residential HVAC Diploma or equivalent industry experienceHVAC2165View
Computer Room Air ConditioningThis course entails heat/cool machines for computer room comfort control. This course will teach the student installation, start up and servicing of computer room heat/cool machines.1Residential HVAC Diploma or equivalent industry experienceHVAC2060View
Commercial Heat Pump SystemsIn this course the student will learn the installation, operation and service techniques needed to understand heat pumps. The auxiliary equipment relating to water source heat pumps will also be covered.2Residential HVAC Diploma or equivalent industry experienceHVAC2010View
Machine Tool TechnologyThis course is designed for students who are working or majoring in engineering or mechanical fields. These fields include areas such as: Automation Robotics Engineering Technology, Engineering CAD, Fluid Power, Machine Tool, Manufacturing Engineering and Plastics. The theory and application of machine tools to these fields will be emphasized. The concepts of CNC, Tool and Die, and Moldmaking will also be explored. This course will cover the characteristics of hazardous wastes and its safe handling, storage, and disposal.3Registration in METS ProgramMACH1205View
Statics and Strength of MaterialsThis course will introduce the student to the understanding and applications of applied physics. Items covered will include the use of calculators to solve algebra and trigonometry functions, vectoring equilibrium`s, stress, strain, deformations, moments of inertia and section modules, belt friction, thermal expansion, welded and bolted connections.3Recommended: MATH2050 or MATH2200METS2100View
Computer Analysis of Manufacturing DataThe student will be exposed to advanced measuring techniques for collecting data from manufacturing processes. Methods of documenting, analyzing and reporting data utilizing Microsoft Excel and MiniTab software will be practiced. Participants will also employ process capability studies, hypothesis testing, and design of experiment techniques to perform measurement system and data analysis.2Recommended: MACH2440 or Instructor ApprovalMACH2625View