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Course TitleCourse DescriptionCreditsPrerequisitesCourse NumberCourse Outline
Auto Body Painting InternshipFollowing internship guidelines and guidelines in all previous successfully completed courses, the technician will work in a designated auto body repair facility with a journeyman and paint vehicles to manufacturers specifications.1_to_4NoneABCT1250View
Stationary Glass ReplacementThe student will be able to identify different types of glass, assess what types of adhesion methods are used and install stationary glass. The student will check for wind noise and water leaks. The student will also be introduced to laminated glass repair systems.1ABCT1150ABCT2006View
Analyzing Damage/Creating a Manual Damage ReportAccurate damage reports and cost estimating depends on proper use of collision estimating model guides. The collision guide is used to write a damage report for calculating parts, labor, supplies and materials for an accurate repair cost. The student then creates a manual damage report from this information. The damage report is the first guide to use during the beginning of the repair sequence and it provides a written plan for these repairs.2NoneABCT2175View
Customer ManagementStudents learn appropriate industry terminology, measuring and improving levels of customer service, interpreting body language, conflict resolution, telephone and in-person communication skills, personal conduct and business ethics, and the completion of paperwork related to auto body customer management functions.2NoneABCT1410View
Heat Treating and MetallurgyThis course will introduce the student to the identification and characteristics of the common metals used in the machining industry. Emphasis will be placed on the composition of steel and the effects of its alloys. Heat treating and hardness testing of steel will also be examined. This course will cover the characteristics of hazardous wastes and its safe handling, storage, and disposal.2MACH1125 or Instructor approvalMACH2445View
Auto Body Structural Repair Internship IFollowing internship guidelines and guidelines in all previous successfully completed courses, the technician will work in a designated auto body repair facility with a journeyman and repair vehicles to manufacturers specifications in non-structural repairs.4NoneABCT1300View
Collision Damage Analysis Students will have the to opportunity to learn about various vehicle designs, manufacturing processes, energy management processes, repair issues, and measuring for repair processes. Students will be able to recognize damage to various mechanical components, interior components, and exterior components. Repair processes to manufactures guidelines of finish, fit-up and proper corrosion protection will also be covered.3NoneABCT1400View
Intercultural CommunicationThis course provides training in understanding the importance of intercultural communication and theories. Topics covered include: definitions of communication, definitions of culture and diversity of cultural patterns, cultural variables influencing communication, such as language, non-verbal communication, perception, values, and beliefs; factors that facilitate or inhibit intercultural communication competence; and examination of American culture in comparison to other cultures.3Qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0921. Basic computer literacy skills requiredCOMM2020View
Cyber CultureThis course covers the practical and theoretical issues associated with computer-mediated communication (CMC) systems. CMC includes many different types of technologies such as social networking, email, newsgroups, chat, and online gaming. Students will receive an introduction to the principles of interpersonal communication in mediated environments and study how media richness affects interpersonal perception, language and nonverbal communication, relational development and deterioration, and relational maintenance strategies.3Qualifying score on computer literacy assessment test OR CPLT1100. Qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0921 COMM2070View
Careers in ManufacturingThis course introduces students to the skills, technology, work environment, potential salary, and job placement for occupations in the fields of Machine Tool Technology, Mechatronics (Automation Robotics, Electronics, Fluid Power), Welding and Metal Fabrication, Plastics Engineering Technology, and Engineering CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Technology. This dynamic course includes industry-specific tours, as well as hands-on projects that familiarize students with field practices and shop safety. A technical aptitude assessment will be administered to assist students in determining if a career in manufacturing fits with their interests and abilities. The steps for enrolling in a program at HTC will be reviewed.2NoneENGC1075View