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Course TitleCourse DescriptionCreditsPrerequisitesCourse NumberCourse Outline
Welding for TransportationStudents will learn how to use oxy-acetylene cutting, heating, and metal inert gas (MIG) welding in automotive applications. Students will become familiar with how the MIG welding process is used for metal joining and the application to transportation careers.2NoneATEC1075View
Basic Sugar WorkThis course is offered as Pass/No Credit (P/NC). This course is designed to give the student knowledge, skill and understanding in the various types of sugar work.2NoneCULA1165View
Basic Skills for Automotive MechanicsThis course is for students entering the Automotive Technology program who have not worked in the trade, and have little or no experience in basic mechanics. The course will cover basic skills including tool selection and usage, basic electricity, jacking and hoisting cars. We will also cover threaded fastener ID and service, and shop safety. Students can gain confidence and improve their performance in the Automotive Technology Program.2NoneATEC1020View
Police Report Writing/InterviewThis course establishes the learner’s ability to write police reports in a detailed, chronological order using proper format. Emphasis is placed on spelling, grammar, punctuation, and the ability to get clear and concise meaning throughout the report. Additionally, students will learn the proper techniques in interviewing.2Admission into the Law Enforcement ProgramLAWE2235View
Defensive TacticsThis course will include instruction in the areas of Defensive Tactics and Active Shooter Response.2Admission into the Law Enforcement ProgramLAWE2280View
FirearmsThis course will include instruction in the areas of Use of Deadly Force, Simunitions, Firearms and Judgmental Shootings.2Admission into the Law Enforcement ProgramLAWE2290View
Job Seeking SkillsFinding a job is one of the most difficult tasks we ever face. Research shows people may change careers from three to nine times during their working lifetime. Students will learn the skills necessary to explore the job market, create a salable resume and application letter, and present one`s self effectively in an interview.2NoneCCDS1040View
Understanding EKGsYou will review the anatomy and cardiovascular physiology of the heart. Basic understanding and interpretation of arrhythmias are included. Practice of EKG strips identification is covered. Legal and ethical aspects are discussed.2NoneEMSV1136View
Fundamentals of PhysicsPhysics is the study of the way the universe works. This course is for those interested in learning more about the physical world around them and why things behave the way they do. Conceptual understanding of the subject will be emphasized. The topics covered include motion, forces, energy, heat, electricity and magnetism. The course may also include a study of waves, sound, light, and/or atomic structure. Classroom activities will include lectures, discussions, and demonstrations.2NonePHYS1000View
Introduction to Piping ProceduresStudents will study copper, plastic, cast iron and steel piping, which involves the joining of drainage, waste & vent, water and gas pipes. Students will become familiar with the different types of copper, plastic, cast iron, and steel pipe, fittings and tubing. Students will also utilize and study hand and power plumbing tools. Safe methods of handling and installing piping in accordance with Minnesota State Plumbing Code and general industry accepted standards will be emphasized. Students will apply and obtain the State of Minnesota plumbers apprentice license.2Qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0901PLBG1000View