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Course TitleCourse DescriptionCreditsPrerequisitesCourse NumberCourse Outline
Plastic Pipe ProceduresStudents will study plastic piping, which involves the joining of plastic pipes for water supply, distribution and space heating. Students will become familiar with the different types of plastic pipe, fittings and tubing. Plastic water and heating distribution piping will be discussed and utilized. Safe methods of handling and installing piping in accordance with Minnesota State Plumbing Code and general industry accepted standards will be emphasized.2Qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0901PLBG1025View
InternshipStudents will work in a sponsoring plumbing-related business applying knowledge, and concepts and skills learned in the classroom.2PLBG1035PLBG1055View
Blueprint Reading for WeldersThis course provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify welding symbols and manipulate fractions, decimals and metric units. Students will be able to convert measurements and determine weld specifications from engineering drawings. Students will also be able to identify,measure and inspect weldment components and assemblies given a bill of materials and a drawing.2NoneWLDG1182View
Introduction to Residential ConstructionThis course is designed to introduce students to basic construction procedures and operations used to construct a residence. Emphasis will be placed on construction principle of measurement, layout and power tool operation and safety along with OSHA 10 compliance.2Qualifying score on reading assessment test OR Qualifying score on ESL reading assessment testCARP1101View
Essential Skills for Math PathwaysThis course focuses on developing number sense and by-hand computational skills with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and integers. These skills are a necessary foundation for employment, higher level mathematics courses, and everyday life. Students will also develop confidence in their mathematics skills through implementing a variety of strategies and study skills specific to mathematics.2NoneMATH0950View
Introduction to Woodworking TechnologyIn this course, students will be introduced to skills for blueprint reading, power tool operation, and safety. This course will also receive hands-on experience with different techniques for machining, assembling and finishing wood components.2NoneCBTG1100View
Computer Analysis of Manufacturing DataThe student will be exposed to advanced measuring techniques for collecting data from manufacturing processes. Methods of documenting, analyzing and reporting data utilizing Microsoft Excel and MiniTab software will be practiced. Participants will also employ process capability studies, hypothesis testing, and design of experiment techniques to perform measurement system and data analysis.2Recommended: MACH2440 or Instructor ApprovalMACH2625View
Advanced Production LabThis course is offered as Pass/No Credit (P/NC). In this course the student will concentrate on advanced research or production methods that are not included in other courses. A training agreement must be signed by the student and instructor at the beginning of the semester.1_to_8Instructor approvalMMVP2630View
Interactive Design Video Production InternshipThis will be a cooperative training program between Hennepin Technical College and a business which allows the student to apply competencies learned in the program to an employment-like work experience.1_to_8Instructor approvalMMVP2650View
Collision LabFollowing collision lab guidelines, the technician will apply knowledge learned in previous successfully completed courses and perform repairs as specified by manufacturers specifications.1_to_8NoneABCT2600View