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Course TitleCourse DescriptionCreditsPrerequisitesCourse NumberCourse Outline
Apparatus OperatorThis course is designed to provide knowledge of pumping apparatus design. The student will learn about the mechanical workings of fire pumps and the accessories required to use the pumps. It will introduce the student to apparatus maintenance and necessary record keeping. The student will also develop attitudes and skills necessary for safe driving and operation of a pumper. This course will introduce the student to the hydraulics used on the fire ground. This course follows the NFPA 1002 Standard for apparatus operators.3FRPT1100FRPT1165View
Applications of Quantitative ReasoningThe focus of this course is on using quantitative information to think, reason and communicate more effectively. Students are presented with real world problems, and then asked to translate them into mathematics, and solve them. Topics include thinking critically, numbers in the real world, financial management, statistical reasoning, probability, and mathematical modeling. Examples and applications will be drawn from a wide range of disciplines and everyday situations including problems involving geometry, proportional reasoning, and percentages. This course will be a mix of lecture, individual work, and team-based problem solving. Student participation and active learning will be stressed. This course meets Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) goal areas 2 and 4.3Qualifying score on math assessment test OR MATH1650 OR MATH1700MATH2050View
Applied Graphic DesignThis course incorporates hands-on application of Fundamentals of Graphic Design combined with creativity and tools from software and other lecture courses. Students will apply the principles and elements of design to hands-on projects. The learner will create and design projects from concept to completion. The projects developed in this course will be used in the student's portfolio.3MGDP1010, MGDP1205, and MGDP1240, or instructor approvalMGDP2010View
Applied Reading TechniquesThis course is structured to give students an opportunity to apply the basic vocabulary and comprehension skills learned in Reading Techniques. In addition, the course will focus on higher level thinking skills including drawing inferences and reading critically. 3Qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0901 with a grade of C or better. Basic computer literacy skills requiredENGL0921View
Applied TypographyIn this intermediate level course the student will immerse themselves in the craft of typography. Focus will be to develop skills in typesetting, exploration of letterforms, type classifications, letter spacing, kerning, hyphenation logic, and all typographic conventions applied to control the aesthetic properties of type. Students will develop an appreciation for the beauty of typographic letterform, learn to solve design problems principally with type, create organizational hierarchy, instill appropriate rules and guidelines, as well as research and discuss great type design.3MGDP1205MGDP2080View
Arboriculture IThis course is designed to give students a fundamental knowledge of the care of woody plants in the landscape. Topics covered include: values and benefits of trees; proper planting techniques; extensive study and lab work on formative, corrective, and renewal pruning techniques; site and soil problems; serious insect and diseases that affect landscape trees; woody invasive species management; construction damage prevention; and information resources via the web, professional organizations, and state agencies.3NoneLNDC1131View
Arboriculture InternshipThis is a cooperative training program between Hennepin Technical College and a landscape occupation facility which allows the student to apply competencies learned in the program to an employment-like work experience.1_to_4NoneLNDC2345View
Arboriculture Internship CertificateThis is a cooperative training program between Hennepin Technical College and a landscape occupation facility which allows the student to apply competencies learned in the program to an employment-like work experience.3NoneLNDC2341View
Architectural CAD: 3D Studio MaxThis course will use 3D Studio Max software for modeling and rendering architectural design images. Students will also learn to import images created in other programs to develop and enhance those images into true-to-life scenes.4Architectural Drafting and Design program student or architectural industry experience with current working knowledge of computers ARCH2930View
Architectural CAD: Introduction to Revit ArchitectureThis course will introduce students to the basics of producing drawings using the latest release of Autodesk`s parametric modeling software, Revit. 2Knowledge of computers recommendedARCH2310View