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Course TitleCourse DescriptionCreditsPrerequisitesCourse NumberCourse Outline
Production Lab IIIn this course the student will improve production skills learned by working on client based projects.3Instructor approvalARSP1390View
Production Lab IIIIn this course the student will improve production skills learned by working on client based projects.3Instructor approvalARSP2380View
Production Lab IVIn this course the student will improve production skills learned by working on client based projects.3Instructor approvalARSP2390View
Production PlanningThis course will introduce the student to the process of evaluating client needs and preparing written production documents for multimedia and video projects.4NoneMMVP1511View
Production WoodworkThis course is designed to introduce the student to planning, organizing and layout of machining operations for production woodworking. Daily production teamwork is emphasized in the class lab atmosphere as production projects of substantial value are fabricated.4CBTG1130 and CBTG1141CBTG1250View
Professional DevelopmentProfessional image and `self-management` are the focus of this course. Professional appearance, wellness, time management, goal setting and techniques for the professional`s response to various social settings will be addressed in this course.3Qualifying score on writing assessment test OR ENGL0930BUSN1030View
Professional GardeningThis course is designed to prepare the student to professionally design, install and maintain various garden types and containers in the community and private/commercial sectors. Some of the hands-on skills taught include site preparation, plant selection, pest/weed identification, pruning, tool identification, and pollinator activity in the garden.3NoneLNDC2261View
Programmable Logic ControllersThis is an introduction to the world of programmable logic controllers. The student will learn the basics of how to program and set up a PLC. The student will also learn the different addressing and programming styles and be challenged to write a program for a simple machine. Various PLCs will be discussed. Persons involved with fluid power, automated machinery, electronics, machine design and modifications should consider this course.3NoneFLPW2000View
Programmable Logic ControllersThe student will be introduced to the Allen Bradley SLC 500 family of PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers) using current Rockwell RS Logix and Linux windows based software. Students will learn how to use Allen Bradley PLC for fast and accurate troubleshooting of Automated machinery in a manufacturing environment. PLC safety, terminology, hardware configurations, software use, programming methods, addressing, instruction sets, are backed up with practical "real -world" labs.3NoneARET1190View
Programmable Logic Controllers I Certificate ReviewThis course is a review course for PMMI's (The Association for Packaging Processing Technologies) Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) I Certificate. This certificate covers the principles and applications of different types of logic and programming used to control packaging machinery and systems. Topics include hardware and software composition of control systems, input/output interfacing, basic logic commands and common programming instructions. There is additional emphasis on common program tasks, and troubleshooting PLC based systems. This course will cover both address-based and tag-based PLC systems. The knowledge of relay logic, ladder programming and input/output devices is needed to understand and maintain all types of common packaging equipment. This certificate is aimed at entry level technicians who may be involved in the assembly, test, start up, troubleshooting, maintenance, repair or upgrade of basic packaging machinery modules. Upon the completion of this course and through a unique industry partnership with PMMI, students will be able to take the Programmable Logic Controllers I test and have the opportunity to earn a nationally recognized certificate while at Hennepin Technical College. This is a review course and it is assumed the student has taken previous automation courses or has basic knowledge of the topics to be covered.3ARET2110 and ARET1185 or Instructor approvalARET2340View