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Course TitleCourse DescriptionCreditsPrerequisitesCourse NumberCourse Outline
Principles of Emergency ServicesThis course is designed to introduce the student to the systems approach to fire protection by presenting the system components of modern fire department responsibility, including suppression, prevention, public education, emergency medical service, hazardous materials response and urban search and rescue. Other concepts emphasized are incident effectiveness, customer service, physical fitness and training, and fire prevention.2NoneFRPT1136View
Principles of Fire Service Safety and SurvivalThis course introduces the basic principles and history related to the national firefighter life safety initiatives, focusing on the need for cultural and behavior change throughout the emergency services.2NoneFRPT1055View
Principles of MacroeconomicsThis course focuses on the theories that explain the overall performance of the economy and the government policies that stabilize the economy and promote economic growth. Students will learn the principles of markets, the price system and supply and demand. The course will also cover national income, unemployment, inflation, the role money, the banking system, and the foundations of international trade and finance.3Qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0921ECON2300View
Principles of MicroeconomicsThis course will focus on tools and techniques used by economists that impact decisions made by individuals and businesses/firms. Current microeconomic issues are reviewed and analyzed as well as alternate views being provided.3Qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0921. Basic computer literacy skills requiredECON2200View
Principles of Pharmacy Practice IStudents will learn the organization and functions of retail and hospital pharmacy. The student will be introduced to the use of computers and their practical applications. This course will define the role and responsibilities of the pharmacy technician. Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements will be covered.4PHRM1000, PHRM1010 and PHRM1100PHRM1040View
Principles of Pharmacy Practice IIStudents will continue to be acquainted with retail and institutional pharmacy practices. Intravenous (IV) drug admixture, total parenteral nutrition (TPN) and critical care IV admixture will be covered. Unit dose dispensing, diabetic supplies and medication storage and stability will be covered. Students will study billing systems and the universal medical coding system which classifies medical conditions and treatments into sets of numeric codes. Personal safety and hygiene related to pharmacy practice will also be covered. In a lab setting students will practice filling prescriptions and develop communication skills associated with pharmacy.5PHRM1040PHRM1060View
Print ReadingThis course will orient the student in the basic skills and abilities required for understanding prints utilized in a manufacturing/industrial environment. Emphasis will be on interpretation of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing symbols/principles; Alphabet of lines; Multi-view drawing (including Orthographic Projection, Isometric Views and Perspective Drawing); Title blocks; Revision systems; Identification of general/local notes; Dimensions and tolerances; Basic principles of math/geometry in relation to mechanical print reading; Interpretation of basic weld symbols; Techniques of basic shop sketching and interpretation of three- dimensional drawings, will be also discussed. Each student will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired through a variety of in-class activities and external assignments.2Qualifying score on the reading assessment test OR ENGL0901CMAE1510View
Processing Physician`s OrdersThis course is designed to give the student the skills needed in transcribing physician's orders. Opportunities will be provided for the student gain experiences transcribing medication orders, diagnostic studies orders, treatment orders, diet orders and activity orders. The student will will become acquainted with specialty orders such as admission orders, preoperative orders and postoperative orders . Computer transcription will also be introduced. In addition, the student will gain experience reading hand written physician orders. 2Successful completion in HLUC1002, HLUC1020, and HLUC1061HLUC1101View
Production Lab IIn this course the student will improve production skills learned by working on client based projects. 3Instructor approvalARSP1380View
Production Lab IIIn this course the student will improve production skills learned by working on client based projects.3Instructor approvalARSP1390View