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Course TitleCourse DescriptionCreditsPrerequisitesCourse NumberCourse Outline
Multitrack Recording Lab IIIThis course covers practical applications of techniques and theory covered in Multitrack Recording Theory III. The student will record and mix various projects.3ARSP1500 and ARSP1510 ARSP2111View
Data Analysis IIntroductory data analyst course using Excel, Access and PowerPoint. Extensive use of Excel spreadsheets including formulas, graphs and pivot tables. Create basic Access queries to gather data. Course covers concepts such as percentages, trends and basic statistical concepts.3CCIS1080 - Required. ACCT1125 and MATH2150 - RecommendedCCIS1260View
Data Analysis IIContinuation of Data Analysis I with more advanced treatment of data reporting, interpretation, and presentation. Advanced Excel formulas, functions and macros will be created to perform advanced data interpretations. Explore the need and use of data within a variety of industries, such as healthcare and banking. Students should have advanced Excel spreadsheet knowledge.3MATH2150 - Required. CCIS1260 - RecommendedCCIS2460View
Additive Manufacturing Finishing TechniquesThis course covers finishing techniques for models created with additive manufacturing. Model joining techniques such as threaded fasteners, adhesives, plastic welding, and interlocking joints will be discussed as well. Model smoothing and covering will be explored as well.3Instructor approval or ENGC1050 and one of the following: ENGC1160, ENGC1250, ENGC2100, MMVP1545ENGC1070View
Microsoft Office Productivity Apps_2If there's a task to be done, whether it's personal or for your job, there's a productivity app that will help you do it faster, cheaper, and more efficiently. This course provides students with more training in areas such as Excel, Access, Project, and Visio requiring use of critical thinking and problem-solving skills to create real-life solutions.3Recommended: CCIS1080 OR instructor approvalCCIS1090View
IT Security Management and ComplianceAn information assurance (IA) strategy is key in managing risks relating to the data entry, storage, retrieval and transmission of information within the information technology (IT) infrastructure. This course is designed to provide students and working professionals with the knowledge and capacity to implement best practices in data protection, audit controls, and security monitoring.3CCIS1005 and CCIS1105CCIS2415View
PC Operating SystemsExamines the functions of the Windows Operating System and the Linux operating system, including command line interface, and essential open source software concepts. Students will be able to manage their own desktop or laptop computers, including installing and running applications, managing files and using the Internet. This course takes a hands-on approach to exploring the day-to-day operations of operating systems.3Recommend: Qualifying score on computer literacy assessment test OR CPLT1100 or CPLT1200 or instructor approvalCCIS1102View
Cybersecurity EssentialsThe Cybersecurity Essentials course covers foundational knowledge in all aspects of security in the cyber world. Students will identify procedures to implement data confidentiality, integrity, availability and security controls on networks, servers and applications. Using interactive activities, virtual machines and a network simulation and visualization tool, students will build their skills by exploring the tactics, techniques and procedures used by cyber criminals and learn methods to mitigate known threats.3CCIS1005 and CCIS1105CCIS2505View
Software and System SecurityCyber threats continue to target software and hardware. Achieving and maintaining security relies on a security professional’s keen understanding of design principles, system interoperability and human actors (users). This course will examine the design and security principles required to identify and mitigate threats. Students will learn the concepts of isolation, encapsulation, least privilege, simplicity and minimization, failing-securely, modularity, layering, least astonishment, open design, and usability.3Prerequisite: CCIS1005 and CCIS1105. Recommended: CCIS1505CCIS2510View
ESPRIT ProgrammingThis course will introduce the student to computer-assisted design and computer-assisted machining; CAD/CAM. Students will use ESPRIT CAD/CAM software to draw parts, create features on wire frame and solid models, create CNC milling and turning tool paths and generate code. Tool and fixture setup sheets will be produced as well as process sheets and time sheets.3Prerequisite: MACH1140. Recommended: MACH2406MACH2480View