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Course TitleCourse DescriptionCreditsPrerequisitesCourse NumberCourse Outline
Creating a Computerized Damage ReportThere are many computer systems available today on a wide range of different computers. Like manual estimates, computer estimates are still written by a person and must also follow the rules of the system being used. Understanding the computer is important to check its accuracy and completeness for the repairs.1NoneABCT2110View
Plastic Identification and Repair DecisionWith the increased use of plastics by vehicle manufacturers, technicians and appraisers are making decisions on whether to repair or replace damaged parts. With an understanding of the unique issues involved in deciding to repair or replace a plastic part, the technician will now be able to make the best decision.1NoneABCT2115View
Brake SystemsThe student will learn different designs of brake systems, will be able to identify all brake parts and understand how brake systems function.1NoneABCT2150View
Restraint SystemsThis course will teach theory and practical applications of automotive restraint systems along with diagnosis and service.1NoneABCT2040View
Padded Dash RepairsFollowing a collision, foam filled dash pads or padded instrument panels may be dented or torn. The technician will understand the procedures to repair this damage to restore the vehicle to pre-accident condition.1NoneABCT2130View
Refinishing of PlasticsVehicle plastics must be refinished following repairs. Often a specific plastic may require special preparation of primers to get the paints to bond. The technician must be familiar with various refinishing procedures to refinish automotive plastics. This course will cover the characteristics of hazardous wastes and its safe handling, storage, and disposal.1NoneABCT2140View
DrivetrainsTheory and practical application of drivetrain components and their assemblies will be covered in this course.1NoneABCT2165View
Fuel Intake and Exhaust SystemsThis course is designed to apply knowledge of auto fuel intake and exhaust systems theory and service level of protection.1NoneABCT2170View
Effective Study SkillsThis course focuses on the learning skills necessary to master the training program in which the student is/will be enrolled. This includes time management, textbook reading, listening, notetaking skills and test taking.1NoneCCDS1005View
Install Concrete SlabsThis course introduces the student to the procedures used to form, pour and finish concrete slabs.1NoneCARP1430View