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Course TitleCourse DescriptionCreditsPrerequisitesCourse NumberCourse Outline
SolidWorks Certification ReviewThis course will help prepare students to complete the Certified SolidWorks Associate Exam by creating and examining part and assembly files in a manner consistent with the format of the CSWA exam.1Concurrent enrollment in or completion of ENGC1255 or instructor approvalENGC1260View
MN Special Boilers LicenseThis course covers the information needed to take the Minnesota State Special Boilers License Examination.1NoneHVAC1190View
Office 365 Cloud AppsThis course introduces a Hennepin Technical College student to cloud applications using the student’s account. Students will explore online productivity tools and learn how to utilize collaborative online features. It is necessary to have access to a computer and the internet outside of class in order to complete collaborative assignments. A student computer lab is available on each campus.1Basic computer skills and understanding of Internet strongly recommended for successful course completionCPLT1095View
Music FundamentalsThis course covers fundamental concepts of rhythm, song structure, note values and the circle of fifths.1NoneARSP1351View
Mini-Split Air ConditionersThis course explores the installation and service concerns for residential Mini – Split Air Conditioners.1HVAC1040 or Industry ExperienceHVAC1025View
TrafficThis course will include instruction in the areas of Low Risk Traffic Stops, High Risk/Felony Stops, DWI enforcement, Crash Scene Management.1Admission into the Law Enforcement ProgramLAWE2275View
Accounting Skills AssessmentThis Assessment Test requires students to pass a one-time third party accounting examination. This required class will examine the accounting skills and knowledge of students who are finishing their diploma or 2-year degree. The class will provide data to assess the degree to which the accounting department and students are meeting the goals of the department.075% of required courses are recommended to have been completedACCT2950View
Refrigeration Certification ExamThis examination is certified by the EPA and packaged by ESCO Institute.0HVAC1050 or knowledge of HVAC systems operationsHVAC1055View
R-410A Certification ExamThis examination is certified by the AC/R Safety Coalition and Packaged by ESCO institute.0HVAC1175HVAC1185View
National Residential Air Conditioning AssessmentThis HVAC Excellence Residential Air Conditioning examination is given by Hennepin Technical College and is a nationally recognized student outcome assessment.0HVAC1140HVAC1045View