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  • Semester: Fall or Spring Semester
  • Campus: Brooklyn Park and Eden Prairie Campus
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Are you looking for training that leads to job opportunities as an information technology professional in network administration, database management, desktop support, Internet development, and software development?

Then start at HTC and develop the skills that will help you succeed in this rapidly changing industry!

With knowledgeable instructors and the most up-to-date training, HTC will prepare you to make the most of career opportunities. If you are currently an IT professional, HTC also offers advanced courses to help you advance your career.

Making a Connection
Making a Connection
A New Direction
A New Direction

Faculty Program Advisors by Area:

Desktop Support and Workplace:  Don Myhre, Karen LaPlant, Linda Paquette
Networking:  Joan Bernard, Ryan Brovold, Abdul Daud, Svetlana Gluhova, and Jeff Owens
Programming and Database:  Steven Dupay and Mary Mosman


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Labs and Classrooms

We offer hands-on curriculum designed to address what is happening now in the business world.  While it is helpful for students to have their own computer at home to complete coursework, it is not necessary.  Students have access to over 20 computer labs in the information technology department alone with additional student computer labs, learning resource centers, and media centers at each campus.

Several rooms are set up to supply specialized training with Cisco networking, server networking, and for A+ Hardware/Support curriculum.


Many courses require a textbook, which is the only mandatory supply item in the Information Technology Department. 

Currently enrolled students will have access to free Microsoft software as part of an MSDNAA agreement, which includes the latest desktop and server operating platforms, as well as web-based access to Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.

Many students find the use of a portable USB storage device helpful to store files that are being worked on both at home and school.  Currently enrolled students do have the use of up to 25GB of online storage for that purpose as well.

Entry Requirements

Students who do not complete the admissions process prior to enrolling in courses will be required to do so after registering for their fourth credit.  Assessment is required for students who declare a major or after registering for four cumulative credits. Please see your counselor for assessment exemptions.

In general, the Information Technology program is designed to accept students at any level of computer familiarity.  Initial placement testing will help best identify what courses students coming into the program should start with.

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Work Environment

Information Technology is a very diverse field.  Depending on the degree track, students completing one of our programs can be employed in the following areas:

  • Computer Systems Analysts
  • Computer Support Specialists
  • Network Systems Analysts
  • Data Communications Analysts
  • Computer Programmers
  • Help Desk Technician
  • Web Programmers
  • Computer Software Engineers
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrators
  • Other Information Technology related job titles are used as well. 

Job Outlook

According to iSeek Minnesota data for the years 2009 projected into 2019, three of the top ten high-paying careers with the most openings in Minnesota are in the Information Technology area, with over 1250 jobs being created annually.  Salaries range from $22 to over $40 per hour.

The most recent data from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development's Job Vacancy Survey (2nd quarter of 2010) shows that for the seven-county Minneapolis-St. Paul area, Computer Specialists (SOC Code 151000) had 1395 job openings with a median wage offering of $26.44 per hour.

Our students are saying: 

     "I have always been a confident administrator, but your class definitely prepared me for the task at hand. I was always fond of your teaching, as you always asked questions and didn't just give answers."

     "Everything is going great! Just wanted to thank you all for a great job instructing me at HTC.  I manage about 200 users and get to work with the highest execs."

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.NET Programmer Certificate

.NET Programmer Diploma

Cisco Networking Certificate

Desktop Support Specialist Diploma

Computer Service Desk Technician Certificate

Microsoft Database Specialist Certificate

Network Support Specialist Diploma

Web Programmer Diploma

Windows Networking Certificate

Workplace Administrative Assistant Certificate

Workplace Administrative Professional Diploma

Advisory Committee/Partners

The Information Technology program has an advisory committee of professionals working in the fields of programming, database administration, IT support, and network administration.  The advisory committe reviews the coursework to ensure that the program is covering material needed to be marketable in your field of study.  This allows the faculty to continue to offer current materials and technical skill development in each area.

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