Looking to earn a college degree that provides flexibility?  Do you have career goals that are not represented in other degree offerings?  HTC offers students the ability to earn either an Associate in Applied Science or Associate of Science degree in Individualized Studies.  The degree is 60 credits in length and can be tailored to fit your unique educational and career aspirations.

Students who are interested in earning a degree in Individualized Studies should register for CCDS1500 Individualized Studies Degree planning course.  This 2 credit course will be the tool to assist you in assessing your past, present and future educational goals.  During this course, you will design your degree following guidelines provided by HTC and MnSCU.  Furthermore, the 2 credits earned in this course will be applied to your degree plan!

HTC's Individualized Studies degree is articulated with Metropolitan State's Individualized Studies Bachelor of Arts degree, for students who wish to further their education.

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Degree Type Technical Requirements

General Education Requirments

Multidisciplinary 45 Technical credits from 2 unrelated areas 15 General Education credits from 4 goal areas
Interdisciplinary 45 Technical credits from 2 related areas 15 General Education credits from 4 goal areas
Intradisciplinary 45 technical credits from 1 area 15 General Education credits from 4 goal area

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