From Line to Leadership

Making the transition from line worker to team leader

"Our industry partners said they wanted this training because they are anticipating a skills and a leadership gap; they don't have a way to effectively move people from operations to team leader."

Are you a line or operations employee who wants to make the transition to supervision or leadership? Were you recently promoted to a supervisory position and want to enhance employee engagement and retention? If so, the new From Line to Leadership – Transitioning from Operations to Supervision training is for you.

The program, developed in collaboration with industry partners, was recently expanded in response to overwhelmingly positive feedback from industry partners, such as St. Jude Medical and Toro Company. Although there are dozens of leadership training programs available, there are few in Minnesota that focus specifically on making the transition from a line or operations position to a supervisory position.

Women in manufacturing experience unique situations. We now offer a Women in Manufacturing course specifically designed to focus on these situations to deliver an impactful learning experience. Built on solid leadership practices, this session focuses on necessary supervisory skills, tips for developing personal influence, avoiding common pitfalls, and identifying ways to make the most of the leadership opportunity.