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Program Description

Accredited by the Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training, HTC's Law Enforcement Certificate program provides both the academic and skills components of the mandated law enforcement curriculum.

From learning Minnesota statutes and the U.S. Constitution, to studying criminal and traffic law, to developing the many skills used in daily law enforcement, you'll learn from faculty with a wide range of law enforcement experience.

Hennepin Technical College is committed to providing peace officer education programs designed to eliminate systemic and structural inequities; developed using community and stakeholder input; and focused on equity-minded, evidenced-based, and data-informed practices. Our programs will deliver, monitor, and assess education and training of culturally competent peace officers who are prepared to deliver justice and serve all people and communities with dignity and respect.

Hennepin Technical College recognizes the impact of peace officers and other criminal justice professionals in protecting, serving, and transforming lives. We exist to build a better future for our students, their families, and the communities our graduates serve by eliminating systemic and structural inequities in educational access and outcomes and delivering programming that ensures our graduates are prepared to serve with a steadfast commitment to our core values.

Core Values for Our Programs and Students

  • Cultural competency and responsiveness
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Accountability and integrity
  • Humanity and humility
  • Social and procedural justice
  • Trauma-informed decision-making
  • Service to and input from our communities
  • Advocacy at local, regional, state, and national levels
  • Quality through research and continuous improvement

Program Information


Class Time: Morning, Afternoon, and Evening
Semester: Fall or Spring Semester; Summer (practical skills offered)
Campus: Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Education Center Brooklyn Park Campus
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Skills Required

To enter the program, you will need to possess a valid driver's license, be able to pass a criminal background check, and not be prohibited by state or federal law from possessing a firearm. You must pass a psychological exam that would certify you would not be a harm to yourself or others. You must pass a physical exam which indicates you have sufficient strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance to satisfactorily complete the firearms, defensive tactics and patrol tactics included in the skills portion of the program.

All HTC students are required to pass a physical fitness test during the skills component.  Testing will be conducted on the Concept2 Rower at the 60 percentile according to a person's age, gender and weight.  Applicants must row 2000 meters, scoring at or above the minimum 60 percentile on their test in order to pass the fitness test at Hennepin Technical College.  The 2000 meter test takes place at the level 5 or damper setting 5 on the flywheel. Click on this link from the MN State Patrol and enter your age, gender and weight to view requirements.


Wage and Job Outlook information for this program are available at CAREERwise. Upon successful completion of the program the student will be eligible to take the Minnesota State Peace Officer License Examination. Completion of this Examination is required in order to obtain entry law enforcement positions with state, county, or local agencies.

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