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Music Business and Entrepreneurship

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Program Description

Turn your passion into a profession at Hennepin Technical College!

Our new Music Business & Entrepreneurship (MUBE) program is designed for students who are interested in learning to develop successful and sustainable careers in a rapidly changing artistic environment.

Curriculum focuses on entrepreneurship, small-business development, modern music technologies, and industry trends to help students take advantage of the wealth of opportunities that exist in all aspects of music, media, and entertainment.

Coursework includes:

  • Music Business & Entrepreneurship:
     Music Industry, Music Technology, Musicianship, Copyright, and Content Development/Monetization
  • Interactive Production & Graphic Design:
     Social Media Production, Video Production, and Web Development
  • Business & Accounting:
     Accounting Fundamentals, Selling, Business Law, and Digital Marketing
  • General Education:
     Music, Communications, Critical Thinking, Behavioral Sciences, Arts, and Humanities

Learn to leverage your creativity while developing real-world business skills at Hennepin Technical College!

*Courses for the program are delivered in a mix of classroom and online formats. Degrees offered include AAS, Diploma, and Certificate.

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Multi-term Registration Available!

Class Time: Mostly Online and Brooklyn Park campus
Start Semester: Rotating (Fall, Spring, & Summer)
Campus: Online, Brooklyn Park

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Skills Required

First semester requirements in the Music Business & Entrepreneurship Program include:

  • Admission to Hennepin Tech
  • Enrollment in MUBE 1000 - Intro to Music Business & Entrepreneurship
  • 78+ on Reading Placement Test or ENGL0921
  • Please contact an advisor or counselor with any questions you may have

Required Equipment List ($1200-$2000):

  • Laptop (Mac or PC)
  • Audio Interface
  • Ableton Live Software
  • Headphones
  • MIDI Keyboard (or pad controller)
  • Microphone
  • Accessories (Cables, Microphone Stand, etc)


Wage and Job Outlook information for this program are available at CAREERwise.

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