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Electronics Technology

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Electronics Technology program overview

The Electronics Technology program at Hennepin Technical College provides hands-on training that will prepare you to help design, build, develop, test, troubleshoot, and manufacture electronic equipment. These types of equipment are used in applications such as communications, medical monitoring devices, navigational equipment, machine tool numerical controls and computers.

HTC's Electronics Technology program includes a solid grounding in electronics theory combined with intense hands-on laboratory training (both computer-assisted instruction and breadboarding). The combined training will give you the confidence to perform at a professional level on the job. Electronics technicians are in demand in small and large companies and virtually all government agencies.

Program information

  • Class Time: Day and Evening
  • Semester: Fall Semester or Spring Semester
  • Campus: Brooklyn Park Campus
  • Course Search

Skills required

Since a mechanical designer is responsible for developing and maintaining product documentation with solid models, assemblies, assembly drawings, detail drawings, and prototype assemblies. Mechanical aptitude and attention to detail are two of the best indicators for success in this industry. Blueprint reading should be taken early in your studies to determine your ability to understand two-dimensional representation of three-dimensional objects. Because this industry relies heavily on Computer-Aided Design software to develop products, familiarity with computers and computer software is helpful.

job Outlook

There is projected growth in industrial power, automation, transportation, automotive, medical, and energy sectors. In spite of intense global competition, the job outlook is expected to remain steady due to the increased global demand for electronic goods including communications equipment, defense-related equipment, medical electronics and consumer products in emerging economies such as India and China.

Possible job titles include: Electronics Technician, Electronic Compliance Technician, Electronic Test Technician, Medical Electronics Technician, Automotive Electronics Technician, Field Service Technician

Employment Outlook Disclosures:

Awards and Certifications


The Electronics Technology Advisory Committee is set up to continuously review program outcomes and update course competencies based on input from professionals from business and industry.

Membership is made up of professionals active in the electronics trade. The full committee meets twice a year to evaluate the program and suggest changes to the curriculum to better reflect recent trends in electronics. The objective is to equip program graduates with the most relevant skill sets required to be successful in their chosen profession. If you are a practicing electronics professional and interested in sharing your expertise with HTC, we would welcome your participation on the committee.

Accreditation and Affiliations

Hennepin Technical College is an official testing center for high demand professional certifications in the following areas:

IPC International (through Customized Training Services)

  • IPC-J-STD-001 Specialist (Soldering of Wire, Through Hole SMD for all 3 classes)
  • IPC-A-610 Specialist (Visual Inspection criteria for all 3 classes of soldering)
  • IPC-A-620 Specialist (Inspection & Assembly criteria for all 3 classes of Wires & Cables)
  • ETA International Certifications Testing Center:

FCC General Radiotelephone Operator License, with Ship Radar Endorsement

CompTIA A+ Certification


For a complete list of current of all agreements, please visit the Minnesota Transfer website.


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