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Genuine Ford training, hands-on, in-depth, and around the car knowledge is what you will gain with Ford ASSET (Automotive Student Service Educational Training). Ford ASSET is a 24-month, six semester, associate degree training program that provides you with the skills to succeed in the rapidly advancing automotive industry. By combining classroom training and automotive internship experiences, at a sponsoring dealership, you will benefit from specialized training on Ford vehicles, components, and software. Put your automotive career in gear with Ford ASSET.

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Class Time: Day 
Semester: Fall Semester Start 
Campus: Brooklyn Park Campus
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Skills Required

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  • Internship Requirement:  Students must meet the requirements for employment at a Ford dealership prior to progressing into their first semester internship.


Tools Required

The tools for the program are provided for classroom/lab use and tools can be purchsaed to use at the worksite.  Various suppliers provide tools at a discounted price to students enrolled in the program and range between $500-$5000.

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