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Get down to business - start your career at Hennepin Technical College! Employment in business can be applied to nearly every interest and discipline, from healthcare to insurance to manufacturing and information technology. Since the exchange of goods and services happens in every corner of the globe, you can take your business skills wherever you want.

So what are your goals? Do you want to work as an entry-level manager or as a business-to-business salesperson? Maybe you want to start your own business! Some students enroll to advance skills with their current employer.

Business courses meet in the evenings at both the Brooklyn Park and Eden Prairie campuses. Course delivery method is both blended and online via D2L.

Program Information


Class Time: Online only
Semester: Fall Semester or Spring Semester
Campus: Eden Prairie and Brooklyn Park

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Skills Required

Placement Testing for Business

Students enrolling at Hennepin Technical College will complete Accuplacer Placement Testing. The purpose of the assessment test is to provide you and the college with information about your current academic skill levels in reading, writing, mathematics, and computer literacy. This will help you select appropriate courses and support services, help you succeed, plan a course of study with your counselor or academic advisor, and have a successful college experience.

Minimum Technical Skill Expectations:

  • Using the learning management system, D2L
  • Using email with attachments
  • Creating and submitting files in commonly used word processing program formats
  • Copying and pasting
  • Downloading and installing software
  • Using spreadsheet programs
  • Using presentation and graphics programs

Make sure to check each individual course for potential course prerequisites before registering.


Wage and Job Outlook information for this program are available at CAREERwise.

This occupational area includes the following career titles: Business Manager or Business Specialist, Marketing Specialist, Marketing Associate, Account Manager, Sales Professional, Marketing Assistant, Brand Manager, Customer Service Representative, Account Specialist, Client Relations Specialist, Sales Manager, Sales Support Specialist.

Business managers work in every industry including finance, real estate, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, automotive and retail.

Marketing and sales professionals work with virtually every industry in the American economy including healthcare, finance, real estate, insurance, manufacturing, construction, automotive and retail industries.

Starting or buying a business, or managing a small business is a solid career option for students from a variety of technical and skill backgrounds. Entrepreneurs work in virtually every industry in the American economy: finance, real estate, insurance, health-care, manufacturing, construction, automotive and retail industries. In recent years, the allure of entrepreneurship has increased, with the results that more people than ever before are choosing to operate their own business. 600,000 – 800,000 new business are created in the U.S. every year, and small businesses provide almost 50% of all private sector jobs in the U.S.

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