Cyber Defense Center

It is important to become cyber-aware and protect you, your family, and your business against ever-growing cyber threats. The Information Technology and Cyber Defense department at Hennepin Tech wants to help educate our local communities about cyber threats and how to respond. Feel free to use the resources on this page to stay current on cyber security news as well as finding resources to help protect you and your assets.

Hennepin Tech offers an A.A.S. degree in CyberDefense which is validated by the National Security Agency (NSA). Feel free to take a closer look a the Cyber Defense AAS degree (60 credits) - offered online or in-person. For more information contact Dr. Ryan Brovold.


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Hennepin Technical College is designated a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense by the National Security Administration (NSA).


Faculty Information

  • Ryan Brovold, Ph.D., Cyber Defense Program Coordinator
  • Joan Bernard, Division Chair
  • Svetlana Gluhova, Faculty
  • Jerome Covington, Faculty
  • Abdul Daud, Faculty
  • Sam Espana Lopez, Faculty

Advisory Board Information

The Cyber Defense program is guided by an advisory board. The board is a mix of business leaders, students, faculty, and other college leaders and meets semi-annually. Program and curriculum updates are the focus of the board's work. Members of industry share current trends, new technologies, and hiring practices. Faculty share curriculum updates and student employment readiness. College administration shares statistics about the program (such as graduation, retention, recruiting goals) as well as overall health of the program. Contact Dr. Brovold for more information about the advisory board.