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Ever wondered what it would be like to pursue a career in IT? Join us to learn about Women in Technology Careers!

Hosted by our IT faculty, Joan Bernard, this event will answer your questions about careers in IT and the job outlook. You will also hear from several HTC women graduates and current students who are enjoying and/or preparing for successful careers in IT!

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Women in Technology: Meet and Greet Webinar


Date: check back for the next date

Featured Speaker: Joan Bernard, IT Faculty, HTC

Guest Speakers:
Women graduates, current students, industry mentors, and more. 

Discussion Topics:
Although we focus on supporting women entering into this non-traditional career path, this event is open to all and we welcome all genders at this event. Contact us at if you have any questions.

We will field questions about IT and Cyber Security careers, and how women, and everyone, can prepare for a career in this high-wage, high-demand field!

Special Bonus!
All attendees will receive a special code to waive the $20 application fee to Hennepin Technical College.

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Event FAQs
After I register, how will I attend this virtual (ZOOM) event?
After you register, you will immediately receive a "Confirmation email". The email will contain a link to the Zoom event, access code and password.

If you have registration questions or need help: for assistance.

Is this meet and greet only for women? 
We welcome all genders at this event. Women are just one segment of the population underrepresented in the IT workplace. It will take all of us to solve this issue and create diverse and innovative teams.  Come join us to talk about how you can kick start an exciting tech career at HTC!

Do I need to be a current HTC student, or a High School student to attend? 
No- anyone interested in Cyber Security can and should attend!

Can I invite friends or family members to this webinar? 
Yes- all are welcome., and we encourage parents/guardians to attend! They just need to register.

I can't attend- how can I learn more about the Cyber Security Program at HTC? 
Fill out the RSVP form- and choose "I can't attend, but I want to learn more about the IT/Cyber Defense program at HTC"- and we will contact you with more information.

Are the guest speakers really graduates from HTC and really employed in IT? 
Yes! Our graduates have successful careers in IT, and want to share their insights, knowledge, and passion for the field of IT, especially for women!

Discover why the Hennepin Technical College's IT program, is one of the best in the nation!

Hennepin Technical College's (HTC) IT program - Top Rated!

Hennepin Technical College's IT program is was rated # 2, in the list of the top 25 of the Best Associate Degrees in Information Technology, by Grad Reports. (Visit Link).

The site notes that HTC IT graduates have an average median salary of $47,000 and a median student debt of $15,609 for information technology graduates.

Joan Bernard, IT Faculty, HTC

  • Named as Twin City’s Business 2020 Notable Women in Technology
  • 2018 Dale P Parnell Distinguished Faculty award
  • 2017 Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board of Trustees Educator of the Year Award of Excellence

Hear what our distinguished attendees have to say!

Rep. Kristin Bahner (DFL) District: 34B*

"Really encouraging to see these great mentorship relationships taking off, with over 20+ years in the industry too often I have been the only woman in the room but that needs to change. Women bring such unique perspectives and incredible value to high-performing teams. It can even lead to the MN House where we are rewriting MN IT statute for a modern world and embarking on new opportunities in Cyber for the State of MN! GO, ladies, we need you!"

- Rep. Kristin Bahner (DFL) District: 34B

  • Comment submitted during the Tech Talk Webinar, November 2021.
  • Quote appears with the kind permission of Rep. Bahner

Cheryl Davis, Information Technology Graduate, Hennepin Technical College



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