Customized Training Services & Continuing Education

Our main focus is delivering the right kind of training for each individual or organization. Whether your company needs highly-specialized training for its employees or an individual needs updated skills fast, HTC's Continuing Education and Customized Training division is here to lend a hand.
Continuing Education Course Schedule

How we help:

  • Evaluate your workforce training needs
  • Identify cost-effective training options
  • Implement high quality industry-standard training programs and courses
  • Customize training solutions for business, industry or non-profits
  • Offer Continuing Education courses, certifications and credentialing

Who we help:

  • Individuals looking for technical skills, soft skills or career training
  • Dislocated workers who need training fast
  • Government agencies, non-profits or other organizations
  • Employers, large and small, who require customized workforce training solutions

Who we are:

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