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The Career Jumpstart program gives students a taste of a career field while supporting them academically and personally. 

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  • An embedded tutor for each online class - to help you succeed!
  • Students can request a laptop to check out for the semester if needed.

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HEALTH UNIT COORDINATOR, Occupational Certificate, 17 credits

HLUC1002 Health Unit Coordinator Fundementals, 4 credits, Completely Online (Asyncronous)

HLUC1020 Medical Terminology , 2 credits, Completely Online (Asyncronous)

HLUC1061 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures, 3 credits, Mostly Online

HLUC1101 Processing Physician's Orders, 2 credits, Mostly Online

HLUC1200 Health Unit Coordinator Internship, 3 credits (Off-campus)

CPLT1100 Computer Essentials, 3 credits


This is a great way to get your feet wet in the healthcare industry with little commitment. After 1 semester of classes, You'll have the chance to enter into a high-demand career!

· Introduction to (HLUC) program

· Students Make Connections to other (HLUC) students, and the (HLUC) Instructor(s)

· Students take the (HLUC) courses together, within the semester

· Staggered (HLUC) course start dates, with in the semester ( Courses are not taken at the same time, to make it more manageable” Transferable credits into the (HLUC) program

· All courses, in this Spring HLUC assortment, are online

· Embedded Tutor (a tutor is available online, with the students/instructors, during the class)

· Students receive a certificate at the end of the semester and can apply for jobs

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Anna Poteryakhin, Student Success Advisor



CULA 1117, Safety and Sanitation, 2 credits

PHIL 2100, Critical Thinking for College Success, 3 credits


CDEV 1000, Introduction to Early Childhood Education, 3 credits

PHIL 2100, Critical Thinking for College Success, 3 credits


ACCT 1102, Principles of Accounting I, 4 credits

COMM 2050, Interpersonal Communication, 3 credits

Students need to take the full set of courses to participate in the program.

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