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Strategic Direction 2

Equity & Inclusion



Equity & Inclusion
We will intentionally remove barriers and develop strategies for the success of individuals from historically underrepresented populations.


Goal 1

Provide an accessible, inclusive, and safe campus environment


1.1 To gather feedback yearly from students and employees about campus spaces to assess their needs for accessibility, inclusivity, and personal safety
1.2 To examine and improve campus spaces to increase a sense of belonging and personal safety for students and employees

1.3 To review and grow culturally-based affinity groups and programs for underrepresented students to support their sense of belonging and safety



Goal 2

Integrate HTC Learner Value Cultural & Global Awareness into academic courses and co-curricular activities

2.1 To inventory and continue development of a collection of academic courses, co-curricular activities, and delivery methods culturally relevant to students
2.2 To offer trainings and dialogues yearly for faculty and staff to increase their intercultural competence



Goal 3

Increase retention of protected class group employees

3.1 To provide an onboarding program to increase organizational knowledge and social integration for protected class group employees during their first year of employment at HTC
3.2 To provide leadership development to protected class group employees through intentional
mentorship for advancement opportunities
3.3 To offer college-wide professional development yearly for all HTC employees to build leadership competencies that contribute to an inclusive work environment



Goal 4

Increase engagement with community partners


4.1 To establish a baseline of community partners from diverse communities and measure engagement yearly in being culturally responsive to the needs of students and the workforce