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Employee & Student Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee led, self-directed voluntary groups that:

  • Offer opportunities to network internally
  • Attract a diverse employee workforce
  • Provide inclusion of ideas and solutions
  • Create opportunities for mentoring and career development

Employees of Color & Indigenous Employees

Focus: to develop onboarding programming for new employees to help navigate organizational norms, to build interpersonal relationships, and establish information networks.


Focus: to create connections and support networking.

Individuals with Disabilities

Focus: to provide educational programming for understanding the needs of neurodiverse individuals, to create a positive, supportive campus environment.

Student Resource Groups

Student Resource Groups are student led organizations that seek to provide meaningful programs that supplement the educational process by offering educational, social, and cultural activities and events for the general student body.

Blacks Rising in Education and Academics (BREA)

A student social club working with students towards educational and professional success.