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Blacks Rising In Education & Academics

Black Rising in Education and Academics (BREA) is an all-black affinity group. We are focused on black excellence, academic growth, social and political responsiveness, and relationship building for students that embody black culture and education. BREA is embedded into the black culture and communities in which we live.


BREA started with five-members from different backgrounds and majors. Each of these students had multiple barriers to overcome to gain an education, but they all had a determination to succeed.

After a few semesters of discussion and debates about politics, education, culture, and academics, these students discussed forming BREA.


BREA partners with various groups at Hennepin Technical College and holds several events annually. Some of these include:

  • Commencement - We recognize and celebrate the milestone of individuals completing a program or a degree through the hard work and dedication of our respective black student group at Hennepin Tech. Student members receive a custom-crafted stole for graduation on the day of commencement.
  • Community Service 
  • Cultural Experiences - BREA celebrates Black History Month along with other cultural events.
  • Student Support Services - BREA works with TRIO Student Support Services to assist students:
    • Register for classes
    • Apply for student loans, grants, and scholarships
  • Training Sessions - Help students navigate D2L Brightspace, eServices, and student emails.


Through new opportunities, BREA allows students to gain leadership skills, professional connections, social networking platforms and gateways for community team building.

If you have any interest in being a part of BREA's Cultural Committee, please contact a club advisor.


For news, events, and communications, please visit the BREA Facebook page.