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Book Charge Program

The Book Charging program allows you, the student and financial aid applicant, to purchase textbooks and necessary supplies by charging these purchases at the Hennepin Tech Campus Store (bookstore) to your student account. This is a courtesy extended to you so you may purchase your books before financial aid disburses. The charges made at the bookstore are added to your tuition bill for the term.

Eligibility to charge your books does not mean you have a complete financial aid file, or that you have enough financial aid to cover your tuition, fees, and books. Review your eServices account to determine if your financial aid will be enough to cover your charges.

Please view the Hennepin Tech Calendar for Book Charging Dates.

How Book Charging Works

  1. Complete, sign, and return the Miscellaneous Charges Authorization Form to the OneStop Center. This form only needs to be completed once while enrolled at Hennepin Tech. Please allow up to 24 hours for this form to be processed.
  2. You’ll need to have your Hennepin Tech Student ID card and course schedule with you when you go to the bookstore. Bookstore staff will check your eligibility to charge books. If eligible, then charges made will be added to your balance due to the college.
  3. Financial aid (grants and loans) will disburse approximately three weeks after the start of the term. At that time, if you have financial aid, it will pay for tuition, fees, and then bookstore charges, in that order. If financial aid is more than your bill, the remaining financial aid will be sent to you. If financial aid is not enough to cover your bill, you must pay the balance due in full, in accordance with the due dates and tuition payment policies.

Eligible Purchases with Book Charging

You may purchase textbooks and necessary supplies. Supplies include but are not limited to program supplies, study guides, supplemental texts, and workbooks. Items that cannot be purchased through Book Charging include laptops, clothing, mugs, food, mass market books (unless designated as a course text) and other items not necessary for course work.

Program Eligibility

  • Be admitted to the college and degree-seeking
  • Have a current FAFSA on file at Hennepin Technical College
  • Have no active holds on your student account
  • Authorized Hennepin Tech to place a book and supply charge on your student account,
  • Miscellaneous Charges Authorization Form
  • Have a Hennepin Tech Student ID card
  • Have course schedule

Maximum Allocations*

  • 1 - 5 credits: $300
  • 6 - 11 credits: $600
  • 12 or more credits: $800
  • Automation/Robotics programs: $800
  • Nursing, and Culinary programs: $1,000
  • Dental programs: $1,400

*The allocation does not represent the amount of financial aid you will be receiving. Additionally, if you do not use the entire allocation, you will not receive the balance as an overage.

Other Important Information

  • The amount available to you for book charging is based on your credit level or program, not your financial aid awards.
  • Parents/spouse or other friends and family members cannot use the book charging service for you.
  • Book Charging cannot be used for purchasing tools through vendors. If you are a part of a program that requires the purchase of any tools from a vendor (Tool Day), you should consult the vendor(s) directly.
  • If you are receiving third party funding or outside agency funding, go to the Tuition Office regarding a book voucher.