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Student Life

Student Life offers opportunities for engagement beyond the classroom. Studies show that students that are involved in engaging student activities are more successful.

Student Life & Career Center
The Student Life and Career Center is located in room F120 on each campus and offers students a place to relax, socialize, grab coffee, work on your resume, or study between classes. In the Student Life Center you will find Student Experience Team Leaders as a resource as well as the Student Senate office.

Student Activities & Student Experience Team

Student Life offers many student activities that are all set up so that you can come when you can and leave when you need to! The Student Life staff organizes these activities along with the Student Experience Team. The Student Experience Team is a group of select students who are dedicated to positively representing Hennepin Technical College as peer mentors and assistants in the planning and execution of campus activities and events. Look for “What’s Poppin’” each week to get a snack and find out what’s happening on campus.

Contact Information

Student Life & Career Development

Phone: 952-995-1300