Placement Testing



 Important: If you have a testing voucher, you must email for an appointment:
**Online scheduling is reserved for HTC students only.**


Fall Semester Begins Monday, August 26!



Frequently Asked ACCUPLACER Questions

What is the purpose of placement testing?

  • The purpose of the assessment test is to provide you and the college with information about your current academic skill levels in reading, writing, mathematics, and computer literacy. This will help you select appropriate courses, plan a course of study with your Counselor or Academic Advisor, and identify which student services you might want to utilize during your journey.

How many questions do I have to answer on the test?

Here are the number of questions you can expect to see on a given subject placement test:
  • Reading Comprehension: 20 Questions
  • Sentence Skills: 20 Questions
  • Arithmetic: 17 Questions
  • Elementary Algebra: 12 Questions
  • MN Math Assessment/Intermediate Algebra: 20 Questions
  • Computer Literacy: 30 Questions

How is the test given?

  • The placement tests are computer-based. you will use a keyboard and mouse to enter your answers. No prior computer skills are required.  A Testing Technician will be present if you need assistance or have questions. 

Should I prepare for the placement test?

Can I retake the ACCUPLACER if I'm not satisfied with my score?

  •  The placement tests are intended to suggest your current skill level in a subject area, not your potential for success as a college student or in the subject area. The score(s) you receive will be used to determine course placements in reading, mathematics, and writing. You may retake an ACCUPLACER subject test one time within a two-year period*. Any retests beyond this policy must first be approved by a Enrollment Advisor or Academic Counselor.There is a $10 Retest Fee, payable before you retake the test.  However, the Retest Fee will be waived if you can demonstrate that you utilized ACCUPLACER's Web-based Study Application or Study Guide

How do I know if I don't need to take a placement test?

You may be exempt from taking all of portions of the placement tests if you meet any of the following criteria:

-You earned a qualifying Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) score:

  • Reading                                                  1047 (score expires after 5 years)
  • College Algebra                                    1158 (score expires after 5 years
  • Statistics                                                1148 (score expires after 5 years)
  • Liberal Arts Mathematics                   1150 (score expires after 5 years)

**MCA scores recorded on a High School Transcript will be accepted.

-You earned a qualifying ACT/SAT score:

  • English                                                   18+/480+ (scores expire after 5 years)
  • Reading                                                  21+/480+ (scores expire after 5 years)
  • Mathematics                                         22+/530+ (scores expire after 5 years)

**Email official ACT/SAT or MCA score results to

-You completed an ACCUPLACER Math test within the last two years, or  

-You completed ACCUPLACER Reading and/or Sentence Skills tests within the last three years:

**Email ACCUPLACER score results to

-You earned an Associate or Baccalaureate degree from a U.S. College or University, or 

-You completed college-level coursework at a U.S. College or University with a grade of 'C' or better in any of the following areas:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Literacy

**Email unofficial college or university transcripts to 

**Mail official college or university transcripts to:  Hennepin Technical College, Transfer Center, 13100 College View Drive, Eden Prairie, MN 55347

Can accommodations be made for students with a disability?

  • Documentation from an appropriate licensed medical practitioner or agency may be required before accommodations can be arranged. There is no fee for this service.  Students who need testing accommodations must schedule testing arrangements with the Disability Services Coordinator. Please contact or visit Disability Services for more information.

What should I bring to my placement test appointment?

  • The Testing Center (both Brooklyn Park and Eden Prairie campuses) is located in Room H140
  • You must bring a Photo ID to your appointment
  • If you have received a Test Waiver Checklist, you should bring it with you

What if I can't come to HTC to take the placement test?

If you can't come in to our Testing Center to take the placement test, here are two possible alternatives:

  1. Find a local community college or university willing to proctor the test. Pleae contact the HTC Testing Center at either campus by calling 952.995.1300 or Please allow one to two weeks in advance to request a Testing Voucher to be used at the local community college. Proctor fees may apply, which will be your responsibility to satisfy.
  2. You can use a virtual proctoring company, Examity. This option will require a quiet, undisturbed testing environment, strong internet access and a webcam. Please contact the HTC Testing Center at either campus at 952.995.1300 or to set up a B Virtual account. Please allow one to two weeks to process.
    A $25 proctor fee to Examity applies, which will be your responsibilty to satisfy.

NOTE: You can meet with a HTC Advisor via Skype or phone after your testing has been completed.