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Financial Aid Help

Help Sessions

Financial Aid Help Sessions are an opportunity for students to begin the financial aid process by getting assistance with filling out the FAFSA. We also assist students who have an award letter with the loan application process.

Register for a Financial Aid Help Session


In light of the Pandemic we will be offering FAFSA Help via Zoom and other media options, please select the FAFSA ZOOM SESSIONS above to schedule help in completing your FAFSA

You should check in at the OneStop Center upon arrival. You may be asked to come back another day if you arrive late or do not bring all the necessary information. If you are unable to attend a session you have signed up for, please call 952-995-1300 to cancel your reservation.


Bring the following with you to complete the FAFSA for 2023-24 (Fall 2023, Spring & Summer 2024):

  • Social Security Number
  • Driver's license or other photo ID
  • If not a U.S. citizen, alien registration card
  • An FSA ID is needed in order to sign the FAFSA.  If you do not have an FSA ID if can be created here. (if you are under the age of 24 at least one of your parents will also need an FSA ID)
  • Federal income taxes for 2021 including W-2s
    • If a dependent student, parents' federal income taxes for 2021 including W-2s
    • Parents are welcome to attend as they need to sign your FAFSA
  • Savings, investments, and business and farm asset information

Dependent students will need their parents to sign their FAFSA preferably by using the parent's FSA ID. If parents are not present at the Financial Aid Help Session, the FAFSA will not be able to be submitted. The parent will need to sign the FAFSA at a later date.

Loan Assistance

Bring the following with you to complete your loan steps:

  • Social Security Number
  • Driver's license or other photo ID
  • Star ID and password for eServices
  • FSA ID
    • same as FAFSA FSA ID
  • The names, addresses, and phone numbers for two references (the references cannot be at the same address)

Student Loan Lender/Servicer Issues

If you are having issues with your student loan lender or servicer, the Student Loan Advocate with the Minnesota Department of Commerce is here to help. To file a complaint, please visit our web page. For general questions, please contact:

Minnesota Department of Commerce
Student Loan Advocate

Jabra Kawas
Phone: 651-539-1022