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Preferred Name Request - Student

Preferred Name Request Procedure

If you would like Hennepin Technical College to use a preferred name instead of your legal name, consistent with Minnesota State Procedure 1B.1.2 - Preferred Name, please complete and submit a Preferred Name Request eForm. The Preferred Name Request eForm can be found on the college website under Current Students > Resources & Services > Student Forms.

You may request a preferred first, middle and/or last name. Hennepin Technical College reserves the right to deny a requested preferred name if the requested name is inappropriate, such as: to avoid a legal obligation, to misrepresent, violates some system policy, etc. Preferred Name is considered core person data and will be available to all Minnesota State institutions with which the student has a relationship.

You may change your preferred name by submitting a Preferred Name eForm again.  Individuals do not have the ability to change a preferred name independently.

Once you submit the form, your preferred name will appear on the following areas:

Hennepin Technical College Preferred Name Areas

  • HTC Email Account
  • HTC Diploma
  • HTC Commencement program
  • HTC Foundation Alumni records
  • HTC Student ID card
  • HTC Library records

Minnesota State Preferred Name Areas

  • Class rosters, advisee list, grade and LDA (last date of attendance) entry, wait list report and grade change request
  • Timecards
  • Students/employees homepage on D2L and e-Services homepage
  • Faculty advisee lists
  • Student invoice

Your Legal Name will still appear in the following areas:

  • Official and unofficial transcripts
  • Paychecks and pay stubs
  • Financial Aid records
  • Official correspondence from HTC
  • Tax forms
  • Federal immigration documents
  • SEVIS records
  • I-9’s
  • International student documentation

 Note:  The human resources office is responsible for handling preferred name requests from employees.