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Registration FAQs

What is my Student ID number and how can I look it up?

The student ID number is an eight digit number specific to Hennepin Technical College that may be found on your student ID card, transcript, schedule, fee statement, or you can look it up by following the directions below:

  • Access Hennepin Tech's homepage
  • Click on Current Students on the top of the page, then choose eServices & Schedule
  • Choose a campus, then Log into eServices with your StarID and Password
  • Your Student ID# should be visible on the top right side of the Student eServices page

Why does my password not work?

You must use your StarID to log into eServices. All current and most former Minnesota State system students have a StarID. You must activate your StarID before you can use it.

Once you change your password, you must remember it for future online transactions. If you lose or forget your password, go to for instructions.

I'm receiving a message that says "there is a time conflict in my schedule." What does this mean?

You have registered for courses that conflict or overlap with each other. However, courses with a warning due to a conflict are registered courses. Please be sure to review your schedule closely and adjust accordingly.

I'm receiving a message that says "student must take or pass test or satisfy course pre-requisites." What does this mean?

Certain courses have prerequisites which are listed in the college catalog or course description. Also, some courses require a certain score on the placement test in order for a student to register. Students who have not met course prerequisites or appropriate placement test scores are responsible for requesting an authorization (override) from a counselor or instructor.

I'm receiving a message that says "student on hold." What does that mean and who should I talk to?

You have an outstanding obligation which must be resolved before you can register. You may view what type of hold is on your account: Log into eServices. Go to Courses & Registration on the left menu and select Registration Holds. Click on Check for Holds to access a list of who to contact if you need help regarding a hold on your account.

I'm receiving a message that says "I have entered invalid credits." What does that mean?

You will get this message if you incorrectly enter variable credits. For example, variable credits must be entered as 0100 for a 1-credit course or 1100 for an 11-credit course.

I'm receiving a message that says "only defined majors may register for this course." What does that mean?

Some courses are set up exclusively for certain majors. If you receive this message, you will not be allowed to register for that particular session. The class is reserved for the majors listed in the course notes. To view course notes, click on the course title when looking at the schedule.

How do I show proof that I'm enrolled at Hennepin Tech?

You should print your schedule. You can do this by following these steps:

  • Access the Hennepin Tech's homepage at
  • Go to eServices & Schedule
  • Choose your campus and enter your StarID and password. If you want your name to appear, click in the box labeled Display Name. Click on Login.
  • Click on Courses and Registration located on the left side of the screen, and choose View/Modify Schedule. (Your may change semesters, if necessary.)
  • Click on the Print icon.
  • Select Log Out located in the upper right side of the screen.

I'm receiving a message that says "immunization required for registration." What does this mean?

This means according to our records we have not received your immunization record. You will need to complete an immunization eForm and submit it to the OneStop Office. The Immunization eForm can be submitted online by following these steps:

  • Go to Student Forms or
  • Click on Current Students on Hennepin Tech's home page
  • Click on Resources & Services
  • Click on Student Forms located under Student Resources & Publications
  • Choose Immunization Verification eForm located under Registration Forms
  • Login With your StarID and Password and follow instructions to submit the eForm. OneStop will process the eForm as soon as possible. (Note: you must be a currently admitted student to submit the eForm.)

I'm receiving a message that says "my window is closed." What does this mean? How can I look up my Registration Window?

You may have tried to register before or after your allowed date range to register online. Please check your registration window online by following these steps:

  • Click on Current Students from Hennepin Tech's website (
  • Click on eServices & Schedule, choose your campus, and log into your eServices account using your StarID and Password
  • Click on Courses and Registration from the menu on the left
  • Click on Registration Window (the dates your registration window opens and closes for the currently selected semester will display.)
  • If necessary, choose the correct semester from the drop-down menu, press the Submit button.

What does admission status required for registration mean?

It means that you may have not submitted an application, have not paid the application fee, or your application is not currently active. If you have previously applied but have not attended in the last year, you may need to complete a new application to reactivate your file.

If your question is not listed, please send an email to or call OneStop at 952-995-1300.