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Student Employment

A workstudy award allows a student to apply to get an on-campus job that pays $15 per hour. The funds are awarded on a first come, first serve basis and employment is not guaranteed, nor is there a guarantee that, if hired, the full award will be earned. If you've been awarded workstudy and are interested in applying for a job, search for positions at Hennepin Technical College on Handshake.

Steps to apply for student employment:

  1. Complete the Student Employment Application packet and submit it to the hiring supervisor.
  2. Hiring supervisor will contact student for an interview.
  3. If hired, the student and hiring supervisor discuss position duties, confidentiality, and terms and conditions.
  4. The student and hiring supervisor will complete the following forms:
    • Student Employment Application (completed by student)
    • Printout of Financial Aid Work study Award from student's eServices account
    • Student Employment Hiring Form (completed by hiring supervisor)
    • W-4 form (completed by student)
    • Printout of position description
  5. The hiring supervisor will submit completed packet to Student Life and Career Development. Incomplete forms will not be accepted and will be returned to the hiring supervisor to be completed.
  6. Student makes an appointment with Student Life and Career Development (SLCD) to complete the hiring process.
    • Hiring supervisor or student submits completed paperwork.
    • I-9 verification: Identity documentation is required for the I-9 Form. Please see the I-9 Form for a list of acceptable documents that you will need to bring along at your appointment.
    • SLCD confirms all forms are completed and sends to financial aid for processing.
    • Financial Aid scans documents to payroll for processing.

During Employment

  1. Payroll will notify the hiring supervisor when student may begin work.
  2. Student submits time worked on eTimesheet through their eServices account.
  3. Supervisor approves time worked.
  4. Paydays are scheduled every two weeks. Students are highly encouraged to enroll in direct deposit through eServices
  5. Hiring supervisor will complete a Student Employee Job Performance Assessment at some point during employment.

Documents to be Completed

Hiring Supervisor:

  1. Student Employment Hiring Form
  2. Student Life and Career Development Completes with Student:
  3. I-9 Form Employment Eligibility Verification

Please note that you must download the document above and open it in Adobe Acrobat to complete the form.