Student Life Board

The Student Life Board is made up of students and staff members from the college. Their function is to support educational clubs and groups on campus. Upon receiving requests, the Student Life Board is responsible for disbursing student life fees to campus organizations for their activities. Student members of the board are selected by the campus Student Senate.
Student Life Board Bylaws

Funding Requests (current year)

To request funding from the Student Life Board, complete the Student Life Board Funding Request.  Clubs must complete this form to be considered for funding.  Return completed forms to Requests are due before noon on the Friday before the next scheduled meeting.

SLB Funding Request Form

Download the form into Adobe Acrobat to complete and save the form.  Opening it in a web browswer will not save your changes.


2020-21 Student Life Board Meetings
Meetings are held on Wednesdays at 1:15pm on the following dates via Zoom:

Date Agenda Minutes
09/16/20 PDF PDF
10/21/20 PDF PDF
11/18/20 PDF PDF
12/16/20 PDF PDF
04/14/21 & 04/21/21 FY22 Funding Request Review


Past Student Life Board Meeting Minutes