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Transcript Requests

Official College Transcripts

An official transcript is a record of your academic history that contains the Registrar's signature and school seal, and is delivered to the recipient directly from the school either electronically or in a sealed envelope with the school's logo. If you wish to obtain your official Hennepin Technical College transcript, you must provide your transcript release consent.

Hennepin Tech has authorized Parchment as our online transcript ordering service. You will provide your transcript release consent when you submit your order online through Parchment.

You will need a valid email address and a major credit card or debit card. The basic cost is $10 (non-refundable) for each official transcript, however your credit card will not be charged until after your transcript order has been fulfilled.

  • NOTE: Do not use the Parchment online order form to send your Hennepin Tech transcript to another college or university within the Minnesota State system. When you apply to another school within the Minnesota State system, they can obtain your official Hennepin Tech Transcript free of charge (if you attended Hennepin Tech after 1988). Check with the receiving Minnesota State system college or university if you have questions about their eTranscript retrieval process.
  • If you attended Hennepin Tech prior to 1988, an official transcript must be requested

(Students must order their official transcripts online, or they may obtain an unofficial transcript as described below.)

Unofficial College Transcripts

Students may retrieve their own unofficial transcript / academic record online through eServices, free of charge.

Former students who are unable to retrieve their own unofficial transcript by logging in to eServices may submit an "Enrollment Verification & Student Info Request" form to the Records Office.

If you require a transcript to be sent to a prospective employer or to a college or university outside of the Minnesota State system for transfer credit evaluation, it is recommended that you order an official transcript online.

NOTE: If you attended Hennepin Tech prior to 1988, an official transcript must be requested.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a transcript cost?

  • Official Hennepin Tech transcripts cost $10 each. An additional $1.75 processing fee will be charged for electronic PDF delivery. There is no additional charge for Electronic Transcript Exchange (ETX) delivery. Once your order has been processed, the charges are not refundable.
  • If you have applied to another school within the Minnesota State system, they can retrieve your official eTranscript free of charge.
  • Unofficial transcripts can be obtained free of charge through eServices. You may also request an unofficial transcript by presenting your photo ID in person to Enrollment Services, or by submitting an Enrollment Verification & Student Information Request form.

What delivery methods are available?

When you order your official transcript(s) through Parchment, you may select from three delivery methods:

  1. *Electronic Transcript Exchange (ETX) - (Available if receiving school has an ETX receiving mailbox)
  2. *Electronic PDF - $1.75 additional processing fee (use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view transcript)
  3. Mail - US Postal Service (Allow time for normal postal service delivery)

Note - Fax delivery is not available for official transcripts.

Every effort will be made to process transcript orders within two (2) regular business days after your signed and dated consent form has been received.

*When ordering electronic delivery, it is your responsibility to ensure the recipient has the ability to receive that delivery method.

What is the fastest delivery method?

The two electronic options are the fastest delivery methods.

  • If you choose either Electronic Transcript Exchange (ETX) or electronic PDF delivery, recipients will be able to access your PDF transcript very shortly after the order has been processed by HTC.
  • Every effort will be made to process transcript orders within 2 regular business days after your signed and dated consent form has been received.
  • ETX transcripts are deleted from the receiving school's mailboxes after 180 days, but do not expire if saved by the receiving school.
  • Transcripts delivered by electronic PDF will no longer be able to be opened 30 days after the order has been fulfilled.
  • You may choose to send an electronic PDF transcript to yourself, if desired. Note that ordering and downloading an electronic transcript to yourself makes the transcript unofficial.
  • If you attended HTC prior to 1988, an official transcript must be requested.

What if I have a hold on my student account?

Transcript orders may not be processed if there is an unresolved hold on your record. Students can check for holds by logging into eServices.

If the hold is not resolved within 30 days, your transcript order may be canceled.


Students may be able to receive transcripts if they meet the following criteria:

  • Debt owed is less than $500
  • Debt has gone to collection agency
  • The student has entered into and, as determined by the institution, is in compliance with a payment plan with the school - must be current on payments
  • Request is submitted by a potential employer

See new legislature Minnesota Session Laws - 2021, 1st Special Session, Chapter 2--H.F.No. 7, Section 44.

When should I order my transcript?

  • Hennepin Tech will process your currently available transcript when your order is submitted and your signed consent has been received
  • If you order your transcript before grades are posted for courses you are currently enrolled in, the transcript will indicate "Z" grades for those courses, meaning the coursework is still in progress. Hennepin Tech does not hold orders to wait for grades to post.
  • You may order your transcript any time, but we recommend that current students wait to submit their order until after grade(s) and/or award(s) earned have been posted, if possible.

Do I need to know my Hennepin Tech login information?

  • You do not need a password to submit an official transcript order online.
  • The order form will ask for either your HTC Student Tech ID# or your Social Security# to locate your records. (Your StarID cannot be used when ordering your official transcript through Parchment.)
  • If you only need an unofficial transcript, you can login to eServices with your StarID and Password to retrieve your own academic record.
  • If you cannot login to eServices to retrieve your own unofficial transcript, you have these options:

Can I submit an additional form with my transcript?

Yes, you may send your admissions forms to LSAC, AMCAS or a Liaison CAS through the NSC. You will also have the opportunity to upload attachment(s) to be sent with your transcript going to other agencies/schools.

  • Please have the account number or form provided to you by the organization ready when you are ordering.

How will I know my request has been processed?

  • You will receive an email confirmation with an order number when your order has been successfully submitted
  • You will receive another email when the order has been processed indicating Hennepin Tech has sent the transcript out
  • You can also track your order number on the Parchment website

How do I send transcripts from other colleges or universities to Hennepin Tech?

If you wish to send a transcript to Hennepin Tech, please note that Hennepin Tech can retrieve your eTranscript from other Minnesota State system schools once you apply to our college. If you wish to send a transcript to HTC from a college or university outside of the Minnesota State system, please follow the other institution's transcript ordering process. Transcripts from outside the Minnesota State system may be sent to our Transfer Department. See our webpage to learn about transferring credits to Hennepin Tech.

Contact Information

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